Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Latest and Greatest in Salt Lake City

First of all, Halloween this year was awesome. My two best friends in my ballet class and I dressed up as Fantana's. Wanta Fanta? I love Halloween being a Ballet Major!

Caroline Sheridan (Strawberry Fanta), Dagne Aiken (Orange Fanta), and I (Pineapple Fanta), The latest and greatest Fantana's.

We won best dressed. Actually there wasn't even a contest, but just look at us! We would have won if there were....right? "Of course right!"-Fiddler on the Roof.

Anywho, being busy all the time has its benefits. When you actually have free time, you do cool things such as:

1. Disney on Ice, (something i've wanted to go see MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE)! Thanks for taking me Saje! When each new character came out, I think I got more excited than the hundreds of little kids around me. The Grandpa next to me gave Saje a look like, Is she crazy? Obviously his grandchildren weren't enjoying it as much as me, (I think I get that from my Dad). Dad I promise you will be the first one to take all of my kids to Disneyland!

Rafiki (sp?) had the coolest skates, hands down.

The little Mermaid was one of my favs for the night. She was pretty good, and they even kissed at the end *sigh*

They also did the story of Lilo and Stitch. It wasn't as good as the rest of the classics but it was still cool seeing hula skaters.

Next, Peter Pan. If you know anything about me, you should know that Peter Pan is high on my favorites list. Here is Peter and his Shadow.

Tink ;)

They flew and everything!!

In honor of Disney on Ice, Disney Pancakes were in order for dinner the night after!

3. Utah Symphony! ok I'll admit, this wasn't a planned adventure. We were ACTUALLY going to go to Ballet West's show because if I went, I got a Ballet absence taken away. For one thing, we were running late already, and for another, we got off Trax a stop too late. WOOPSIE!!!! When we got off Trax there was no way we could make it to the Ballet on time. The stop we got off of was in front of Abravenal Hall. We went inside and couldn't tell if anything was going on so we walked out. As we walked out this older couple asked us if we wanted to see "Romeo and Juliet." We told them we had no idea that was even playing. They said that their friends couldn't make it so they had two extra tickets that they were willing to give us! FREE DATE! YESSS. The show was the Utah Symphony playing "Romeo and Juliet" while a choir sang along. The seats were $40 each tickets and our seats were way good.

4. College Game Day, a game I was so stoked for. Complete DUD. It was still fun making a poster and going crazy. It was a blackout game too so that added a bit more excitement, until we got plastered. We left early and sadly my lunch was better than the game (1/2 off at The Corner Bakery) hooray! For some of you who don't know, #3 has a SERIOUS "Mexi-Stache." He is a sophomore here at the U and he is one of the geekiest looking quarterbacks I've ever seen. Sorry Wynn, but it's true. Saje and I thought that writing "Fear the Mexi-stache" would not be a wise idea, so we changed the "Mexi" to "Fuzz." FEAR the FUZZstache sounded more fierce anyways right?? My poster and I made it on the big screen at the beginning of the game! Being on the big screen at a Ute game was one of my college goals. Just so you know.

5. Snow day at the U! I love playing in snow :) I haven't made a snowman in YEARS so we made one with a goatee. It has snowed a ton this week and classes were canceled too! Holla!

I think that is all for now! Thanksgiving is in a few days and I can't wait to see my parents! Hopefully they make it here without the blizzard interfering! TTFN!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

You guessed it...

My fish is dead. I DEMAND A REFUND! Here I'm thinking, "It doesn't look like my fish is eating but maybe he is being a trickster!" FALSO. I had him for 1 whole week. So much for betta fish living 2 years! I still can't upload videos on here like I used to be able to (does anyone know why? HELP!). But anywho, Saje and I made Winston Jeffery a funeral video (you don't wanna miss it!). Watch it for Winston's sake on Facebook in my tagged videos.

K Bye.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Little Bit of Lately..

Sorry about the delay of posts, I have been a busy busy bee! Ever since this two jobs thing started I am CONSTANTLY up and at em'. My week looks a little something like this: Wake up at 7, institute, school (that includes gen eds AND all ballet classes), rehearsal, work, homework, sleep deprivation (Repeat). That is why I needed a fall break to catch up on blog posting (wow that wasn't a lame comment at all)!

Rehearsing for what you ask? Welllll every semester the ballet department puts on a student showcase. This is ballet grad students/normal student choreography on the rest of the ballet department. It doesn't necessarily have to be classical ballet, it can be contemporary or any type of dance. A grad student choreographed a piece I got to be in and it was AWESOME. I say that because it was a salsa piece and it was so fun to rehearse for because it was SO different than any dance I have ever danced before. Don't get me wrong it was really hard to grasp at first (try setting a salsa piece on about 15 ballerina's). It was crazy fast and we had to shake it like a Polaroid picture just about the whole time, but we got it all together in the end. I tried to upload the video of our dance but for some reason it isn't working, so here s a picture of all us ballerina salsa ladies!

Since my mom couldn't make it to my salsa performance, she got her own private one before she left town after helping my sister Leslie recover from surgery. I was sad to see her go, but before she could drive away I did my own dance for her in front of her car. Too bad you can't see her face in these pictures, it was CLASSIC! It was a combination of totally embarrassed (like the whole hood was watching or something) and trying to stay serious but fits of giggles kept coming out. It was pretty darn hilarious (ask Harrison and Leslie) I don't think I have ever heard Harrison think I was actually funny. Who is the favorite daughter/aunt now? Me. no question.

My Ballet teacher for the first eight weeks of school was named Calvin Kitten. My class LOVED HIM. He helped me a TON with the leg I broke (which is getting a ton stronger now) and was one of the best teachers I have ever had. Not only that, but he gave us free leotard days just about every week. That means we can wear whatever color we want instead of black (what we are required to wear everyday). The only rule was that we had to come up with a color theme without him knowing what it was... our class went a little over board and decided to do the theme "Calvin's Kittens" (which by the way was all my idea) instead of a color theme. He got a great laugh out of it and we continued to do crazy theme days every time he let us have a free leo day. Here are Calvin's Kittens :) Aren't we a fantastic bunch?

At the beginning of fall break one of my great friends from Colorado Kirsten Johnson got baptized! She goes to the University of Wyoming in Laramie. My friends from Colorado Natalie Bullen and Kayla Cardon (who go to BYU) made the drive down there for the weekend to see Kirsten's Baptism! Isn't she so pretty?!

The next happiest event of my Fall Break was this: Winston Jeffery Betta.

I LOVE HIM! Saje and I took a shopping trip to the Park City Outlets (DANGER ZONE) and we went to PETCO where we weren't gonna buy anyhting right? Well we couldn't resist when we saw these beautiful teal and red fins. Just look at him! He's "GORGEOUS!" -Pollyanna

Here's Winston's Home. Unfortunately he may die VERY soon because he won't eat. I've tried two different Betta Fish foods like, "Bettamins" (like vitamins haha get it?) and "Betta Pellets." He won't eat. Any suggestions how to keep a fish alive? What a disobedient fish he is.

At the very end of my Fall Break I saw two different shows. Thriller and Fun. Guess who I finally met at Thriller? Oh just my cousin Dayna who dances for the professional company Odyssey here in Utah. I have always heard that I had a cousin who is a way good dancer but that was an understatement. SHE WAS INCREDIBLE. I had no idea she would be such a shorty when we met with her after the show! Kelli and I towered over her! I was glad to finally meet Dayna.

Last but not least, Fun. This is my new favorite band right now. One of my favorite songs is on my blog Playlist right now so turn up your volume so you can hear it. If you know of the band The Format, the lead singer of that group is now the lead singer of Fun. Carolyn came out from Ideeho to the concert and she brought a friend from BYU too. I invited Kelli as well so it was a great girls night out! We were so close too!

I have a crush on the pianist/trumpeteer. His name is Andrew and when they were about to start a new song Kelli and I yelled "MARRY ME ANDREW" and you better believe he looked over and waved.

Now, I have to start school again. WOOF.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Suite Living In Utah

It's official, I am now all moved into my brand new apartment! I won't take credit for moving in ANY of my stuff because my dad and brother in law did it all! THANKS GUYS! There were a few random things that my roomies and I needed to purchase at Ikea so we made an Ikea run and finished all the shopping and decorated our super dang cute apartment! Thank goodness for living so close to an Ikea! Anywyas, I am living with two girls that were in my ward last year and they are so sweet and nice and like to have fun (just like me, YES!). It is gonna be a great year this year!

This here is Jessica, she loves her flowers. They might possibly be the cutest part of our apartment. They were her project that she NEEDED to purchase to make our apartment cuter. She bought the whole set (including the table).

She also has to have candy dishes. It was a good idea until we downed all candies in a span of about two hours. When she refills the dishes it's the same old story. We eat those candies FAST! The candy dishes NEED to go, we made an agreement. They are still sitting there. She will also be in the same missionary boat as me (WOO HOO) her boyfriend Zack will be serving in Spain in October. He likes his girlfriends candies too.

This is my other roomy Courtney. She was a modern major last year but is now a chemistry major. She shares the same love for dance as me, and that isn't all, she loves cupcakes too!!! I HAD to buy a cupcake pan and she put it to good use in our cute new kitchen and with my kitchen aid YAY!

Speaking of our kitchen.... My dearest mother bought me the most precious salt and pepper shakers EVER! I won't tell you who she told me that they reminded her of :). Do they look familiar? Besides the different hair color on the boy, I have to admit I definitely agree with her. I also got some cute wall decorations for $3 at Wal-mart.

We got a great deal on a kitchen table and chairs at Ikea! This is my dinner on our new table. Oh and look at our cool napkin holder! Did I mention Ikea is the greatest?

My roommates had a couch, a table, a bean bag, and some foot rests, my Mom and Dad had the recliners and bookshelves that our family has had for years, and I retrieved a big T.V and table from my sisters. Now we have a great T.V room! The only thing we need now is a picture above our couch! Any donations would be fantastic.

We got Cable after about a week of living there and this is me rejoicing. I never realized how much I use the internet until I didn't have it for a week.

Here is my room. I share with Jessica. We have a walk in closet and a bathroom. It's nice because our sink is outside of the actual bathroom so that someone can get ready and somebody can shower at the same time! We got cheap desks for our computers at Ikea too.

I'm also sad that this picture has a glare on my Studs n' Spurs calendar. *Sigh* September is the best month too! ok, ok, I'll give you a sneek peek ;) ooooh yesssss.

My poor roomate is VERY cutsey with her side of the room. I rather enjoy my spiderman obsession. I couldn't resist. SORRY JESS!

Our apartment has two pools and a hot tub so my roommate and I decided to go test them out. Long story short, the covered parking is VERY low. We wanted to take our picture under the covered parking so we were in the shade. I put my camera on self timer on the steps up leading up to the pool. When I clicked the button I hurriedly ran back under the covered parking...and forgot to duck. I bashed my nose right into it. This is our "awesome" lets go swimming picture. My roommate didn't know whether I was crying or laughing because my eyes were watering so bad and I couldn't feel my face. She was trying not to laugh at how stupid I am.. Thankfully my nose just bruised real bad. It isn't crooked or anything WEW!


I also started school back up again! One of my friends named Hua taught our ballet class for the first week until our real teacher arrived the second week. He used to dance for Ballet West but wanted to take college courses. We ended up having a lot of the same classes so we help each other out with homework and such. It was fun having him as a teacher the first week. He really wanted a picture of our class. People in my class need to be more friendly... like me.

"Who am I sir? A Utah man am I. A Utah Man sir and will be till I die, KI YI!" I have been waiting for Football season to start ever since it ended! I LOVE BEING IN THE MUSS!!!!! Best part of being in college by far! The Muss was CRAZY ROWDY at the first game! I had so much fun and now that I have a decent amount of friends I have people to go crazy with! Here is my group in the Muss. Aren't these ladies classy? Max Hall would beg to differ. Sorry Maxy, we like being classless Ute Fans.

My friend Saje and his group of friends had WAAAY better seats so...I squished in with them most of the game. I like sitting by boys cause they always know what's going on. I don't ask too many questions I promise. When we walked in they gave us free foam fingers. It is hanging on my wall now.

I also reunited with my friend Kelli and we had a girls night. There is a Frozen Yogurt place called "Spoon Me." It is VERY delicious. There are funny flavors there, one is called, "Orange You Gonna Spoon Me?" ha.

Some other great news is that I quit the Phonathon! As much as I "enjoyed" being the annoying person that called U Alums ultimately asking for money, I had to quit even though I actually did get paid a very good amount of money. The whole summer I had been sending out my dance resumes to tons of ballet studios in Salt Lake. All of the studios ended up putting me on their substitute lists which is REALLY LAME so I got desperate and applied to tons of different places including Victoria's Secret. There is a new Bakery that opened last semester that I LOVE that is just like Panera Bread or Paradise Bakery. It is way close to my apartment and I applied! They ended up calling me as a waitress there! The day of my first shift I got called by a lady who got my number from my cousin (who dances for the company called Odessy). She was opening up a new studio and needed a new Head of Ballet Teacher because her old teacher couldn't do it. I met with her and I figured that making $20 dollars an hour for 4 hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays was WAAAY better than being a waitress at a Bakery. Basically, the day AFTER I worked my first shift at the Bakery I had to quit. I was sorta sad because I was very excited to get food half off at the bakery. My manager was actually very cool and said that if I wanted I could just work Saturday mornings just so that being waitress was on my resume. It could also be another long term job that would give me more job experience. SWEET! Now I am a ballet teacher and a waitress on the side! Come visit me at The Corner Bakery and come watch my girls in their recital at the end of the year! I am so blessed!

Welp, that is all for now! TTFN TA TA FOR NOW!