Saturday, July 24, 2010

It All Started with a Name...

This is my first official post on my brand new blog! I've had blogs in the past but they have been what you wanna call "el lameo," so I decided that I would make a new and improved blog with a lot of help from my sisters and friends. If you didn't already understand, this blog was named because my name is spelled the same forward and backward, (or what you would call a palindrome). Let's be real here, blogs are a little more personal than your average Facebook. You have gotta be a true blog stalker to know in depth about a persons life. Obviously I won't share my whole life story, however, this is my life and thoughts "forward and backwards" as of today. Hope you enjoy!

To start off, this is me, Hannah Marie Greenberg:

I love lots of things such as: cupcakes, good music, family and friends, letters, Costa Vida, naps on Sunday, laughing, driving with all of the windows down, shopping, dancing, Banana Slurpee's, teaching, dressing fancy, doing spontaneous things, causing mischief with my best friends, Otter Pops, quoting movies etc... I attend the University of Utah majoring in Ballet with an emphasis in teaching. I LOVE BEING A UTAH UTE!!

My family is awesome. I am just gonna throw that out there. I am so happy that families are forever. I owe so much to them for always keeping me on track and helping me reach my goals. MY FAMILY IS THE ROCKS as the good ol' Dr. Junior would say.

Also...I have the two BEST friends anybody can ask for: Carolyn Kindt and Alexandra Adams. We are going on a SUPER awesome California vacation at the end of the summer and am completely stoked about it. Until then, here is a shout-out to my lovely girlies.

So basically, I have this secret crush that everybody seems to know about...

His name is William J. Haynes (or Willie for short):

We like to do lots of fun things like: Go to High School Dances, surprise visit each other when we live in different states, go four wheeling, horseback ride, play games with family, attend the State Fair, swim, go to movies, ride on his motorcycle, scooter, and be silly silly silly almost ALL THE TIME. "He's my Justin Timberlake" -Baby Mama.

Willie is currently an Elder serving in the Novosibirsk, Russia mission. He is probably the most handsome missionary I ever saw. Although we made NO promises before he left, we do try and write every so often...

My sister Rachel and brother-in-law Eric were taking a walk by the Provo Temple while Willie was in the MTC. They stopped at the temple for a drink and COINCIDENTALLY ran into Elder Haynes!! They snapped a video of him bearing his testimony in Russian. PS you will have to pause the music on the top right of this page to hear this!

He's so cute. Good Luck Elder Haynes!