Friday, March 4, 2011

March Already?!?

Ok so where did January and February go? I have some serious catching up to do!!! Sorry that I rarely have enough time to keep you updated!

"Let's get down to the neety greety"- Nacho Libre. Starting with January...was that really two months ago? sheeeeesh.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! Not only did I have a FABULOUS 20th birthday party thrown at my sister Leslie's house with some friends and family, I got the opportunity to see my choreography come to life at the University of Utah Ballet Showcase. I asked girls throughout my department (most of them in my class) to dance for me in January's performance. It was a little nerve racking because it was my first time doing choreography for girls that are just as good or better than I am. We had to show certain faculty members our pieces before we actually knew if we were in the show or not. I was so worried when my piece was being viewed by the faculty but they said that they liked my choreography and wanted it in the show! WOO HOO! After hours of rehearsals and stress finding costumes my piece was staged. I also got to work with professionals when it came to lighting. I was so worried my lights were going to be a complete DUD because I really had no idea what lighting to do where. The lighting director helped me out with giving his input and he ended up giving me GREAT ideas. Good thing I'm taking a lighting class next semester! All in all my girls did FANTASTIC, and it was a really awesome "no longer a teen" birthday present. Come to my next show in the fall! I hope it will be as good or better than my last piece! Oh and I danced in two pieces as well... Let's just say that I am glad I am going into the teaching emphasis because although I love to perform, it was so much more of a thrill watching my girls tear it up on the stage!

Everytime I see this cake, it makes me that much more excited for my next birthday. Those candles are adding up!! It is so weird saying, "I'm 20, you?"

We're just sisters that's all. Thanks for the smashing party Rachie and Les!

BUNCO winners!!!

Lovely Ladies who performed in my piece! The girl in the middle had to dance in the dance right before my piece so she is wearing her other costume. Don't they look SO SASSY?! yeah. They do.

As for February:

HAPPY ONE YEAR WILLIE!!!!! February 10th was William's 1 year out on the field mark and I am so happy for him!! Sorry but this is gonna start getting a little gushy so read it if you will.. Don't say i didn't warn you.

February is a HUGE month for me. Let me just add that Willie and I had our first date on Valentines Day when we were Seniors in High School. If he wasn't a missionary right now, then technically we would have been together for exactly 2 years now (you are allowed to sigh, it's ok). Yes, we broke up and didn't make promises of the future before he left on his mission, but I still care for him very much and hear from him every few months. I know that I am not his first priority, and that he is a very focused missionary. That being said, who knows if he is really the one for me or vice versa. But as of now, let's be honest, I'm not entirely sure if I'll be able to make ANY decisions until he gets home unless I know for a fact he isn't the one for me. I miss him like CRAZY but I can't jump to conclusions cause you just NEVER KNOW. You know?

Anywho, sorry about the lovey doveyness but I just needed to get that out to shout out his 1 year mark! 1 down, 1 to go, awesome work Willie!

Also, the end of February was great because I got presidents day off of school. I wanted to go visit my cute grama in St. George. I brought my friend Saje to drive 4 hours to her home to stay for a few days! It was fun just hanging out, shopping, seeing the Temple, and renting movies every night. We even played games with a few of her girl friends in her community and it was one of the funniest moments of my life. Old people are just so silly! I'm addicted to Mexican Train because of those ladies! Thanks for coming Saje and thanks for letting us stay Grama!

March Madness:
I start Sleeping Beauty rehearsals with Mountain West Ballet. I got the part of Little Red Riding Hood! Yes, the ballet is different from the Disney movie. Red comes in at the princesses wedding at the end and dances with the Big Bad Wolf. I saw Ballet West perform Sleeping Beauty last month and it was actually a really cute part. I'm pretty excited! Also, it is almost Spring Break. I am going somewhere where the sun shines without fail most of the week. ARIZONA HERE I COME. Utah weather is so bipolar! Yesterday was rainy/snowy/sunny and today I drove home from school with the windows down because it was so nice out! I have to get some tests and papers out of the way and then Spring Break should be a nice get away! k bye!