Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hello, I am a Ballet Major at the U.

I wasn't kidding, I'm actually in the Ballet Department. I'm not entirely sure how my photographer made me look so good because looking at these now, I wonder how in the world I did some of these positions. I was sore for a week after, especially the leg I broke. It felt like I had to go through therapy again because I could hardly walk down stairs let alone walk at all. But,

TOTALLY WORTH IT. Here's the story:

I had seen plenty of dance photos that my dance friends and cousin Dayna had been tagged in on Facebook that were VERY COOL. They were all taken by the same guy and I didn't actually know him. The pictures were all SO good and I was sup jeal (super jealous) because my past experiences with dance photos were not so great in my eyes. Funny story though, on the way home from Christmas break, there was another ballet major on my flight. Guess who came to pick her up from the airport? The photographer that had taken all of these amazing dance photos of my friends and cousin. When I met him he was very sweet and nice so when I got home I messaged him on Facebook and asked him if it was possible to take pictures with him sometime. I told him I met him at the airport and he took pictures of my cousin Dayna and I loved his work. He responded saying that he danced with Dayna in the Utah Ballet department and she was his favorite. He also said that he remembered me from the airport and that he would love to take pictures for a good deal if we could find a time to before he moved to Portland. We scheduled a time to take the pictures and I borrowed some tutu's from the costume lady for the Sleeping Beauty performance I am doing in May, and some leo's from friends. When I got there he was asking me what kind of pictures I wanted, and I had shown him a few pictures I liked that I wanted to modify to make my own. In one picture I found on Google, there was a chiffon fabric wrapped around this girl while she was doing some cool pose that I wanted to try. When he looked, he said he has always wanted to try chiffon fabric in photos. I was jokingly saying there was a Joann's about a block away and he excitingly said, "GREAT! lets take a five minute break and go get some fabric!" Whats great though is that I accidentally left a leo at home by accident and I asked if my new roommate Annie would bring it by. When she did, we gave her money to go buy us some fabric at Joann's for us HA! I like my new roommate. Anywho, Because of the fact that he was also a dancer, he could tell me what to fix (point my toes, straighten my legs, fix my arms etc). He likes photos with hair down cause it shows the flow of the movement. The shoot was SO MUCH FUN and he was great to work with. My problem is that I have a lot of layers so my short layers ended up in my face majority of the time. Darn. However, IT IS THE ART AND MOVEMENT that I was going for... not so munch the face. Please keep that in mind.

Christopher Peddecord is the photographer, and I give him SO MUCH CREDIT for these amazing photos. ENJOY!




#4 Doesn't look like it hurt, but it did. YOWIE!





#9 Don't mind the tan line..



#12 Top 3 in my opinion.


#14 might be my absolute favorite.

#15 Made it on his profile picture! WOO HOOO!!!

#16 This one might be moms absolute favorite because I'm smiling... This is the color test photo. Sorry I didn't smile more mom, it is hard to hold a position and smile at the same time. :)

#17 My failed attempt. Only regret is my face. I look dead. This could have been OUTSTANDING if I looked like I enjoyed what I was doing. Maybe looking up and smiling maybe? BAH! I wanna go back and try again dangit! Just picture a better face and maybe you will like this one.

P.S. I numbered them so that you can tell me your favorites!

"Alvederzane" -Heidi Klum, Project Runway

Monday, April 11, 2011

My oh my

It's April! I should be excited for pretty spring weather right? It's snowing. I'm trying not to complain but the week before this one was BEAUTIFUL. I only mind because the weather keeps changing ITS mind and its making me lose MY mind! Did that even make sense? I dunno. But hey! I got a new roomy and I have still been busy with rehearsing for Sleeping Beauty! I got bumped a roll because my friend tore her ACL and so now I am a fairy. I am sad because I really wanted my other role but I'll be dancing more in this newer roll so I will try and be happy about it. I am now the Fairy of Justice. Come to my show May 19, 20, 21 at Sandy Amphitheater!!! Come come come come come! PLEASE!

My new roomie is Anela, look at the new and improved A-108 clan! Annie has the red belt.

I've had a lot of fun the past semester. A group of us went to Rock the U (a dance party for Cancer) it goes all night long but I didn't stay that long. They gave you free food (Spaghetti Factory, Chick-Fil-A), free cotton candy, free spray tats, and face painting! I relived childhood AGAIN! YES! After, we had a fun slumber party/movie night in our T.V. room afterwords. So fun being a college student!

Spring Break happened too! My friend Kelli came out for a few days. SO nice to relax in the sunshine, shop, have a QT taquito and slush, have Peanut Butter Snicker roasted Mallows, and have fun with my best friends! We saw a free concert at ASU and saw bands like Skillet, and The Band Perry! I also saw Alex's MCC dance show! She has amazing choreography and she dances so well. I idol my BFF. My mom made me take a picture by myself on the Harley. It would obviously never look anything like THAT if I drove that. I love motorcycle rides on my dads new ride!

End of Sophomore year is so close but yet SOOOO far away (3 more weeks). I don't know who I'm kidding though, I start summer term about a week after anyways, but still, at least I will only be taking two classes, and they are over and done June 22. I just gotta stick it out if I want to be done with college sooner you know? Until I get more time to blog about my present life, here is what I can look forward to the day my summer classes are over and I can finally have a break:

#1 NEW YORK!!!!!

I can't wait. Even thinking about it gives me the wiggles. I want to get an

shirt actually from NY,

I wanna ride a Taxi in NYC (I need to learn to whistle first), I wanna shop, I wanna meet a handsome boy on the top of the Empire State Building:

I wanna see a Broadway show, I wanna eat food, I wanna see American Ballet Theater,
I wanna see this:

What is it really? I wanna see it!


But seriously...


Can't wait to be in all the places I've heard about in church my whole life.

That seems really vague after my last rant (see #1) but I really am way excited. For reals.

#3 Niagara Falls. I'm not settling for the American side. If I'm gonna see it, I WILL see the cooler side.

#4 Harry Potter Marathon at Thanksgiving Point (if you try and contact me any time on July 14, I will be unavailable). My whole childhood will be coming to a close this day because the last, I repeat, THE LAST Harry Potter Movie will be coming on midnight of July 15.


This day will be an emotional one for me. I don't even care if you think I'm a nerd. I will admit to the fact that

Til the day I die. Amen.

-Photo Credit: Google Image

Dance photo shoot with Christopher Peddecord. It went VERY well. There is only one posted for now. I will let you in on the dirty deets in my next post. As for now, here is a sneak peek. Consider yourself lucky.