Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ca-li-fornia girls...

I'm sick of Facebook. Blog is better. I'm gonna start posting my new pictures on blog instead. This is more fun anyways. This post will give you a tiny taste of the end of summer California Adventure I have been talking about for months. My sister Aimee let my best friends and I stay at her loverly house in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. When we showed up to her house my niece Brinley was singing, "California Gurlz" by Katy Perry at the top of her lungs in the shower. It was an awesome kick off to an awesome trip. Thanks to Aimee's brilliant idea's we were NEVER bored and we were very busy the whole time.

DAY 1: Huntington Beach
Not to brag or anything, but I found the most DYNAMITE parking spot behind the shops (free parking, may I add, AND I parallel parked the best I have ever parallel parked in my whole life). We walked around the shops and bought a few little trinkets (mostly at Forever XXI) and then went and bummed out at the beach. It was fantastic.

We went for a little swim in the beach and met a new friend who played soccer at Texas A&M. He was staying at the Hyatt for a wedding he was going to and invited us to come swimming with him and some friends at the Hyatt. Normally I would never have gone but #1 I've always wanted to go to that Hotel, and #2 I saw a really good looking worker there while driving by it at the beginning of the day. What else were we supposed to do? Turn down the offer? OH HECK NO! We decided to use this guy and spend the rest of the day swimming at the Hyatt (which was totally beautiful). This is Adam, our new beach friend/photographer/guy we used to swim at the Hyatt.

The Hyatt:

DAY 2: Chinatown, Olvera Street, Hollywood, Rodeo Drive, and looking at the massive houses driving through Bel-Air and Beverly Hills. May I add that I THOUGHT there were rich people in AZ? These houses were FILTHY. They were so dang huge I felt like a reject.

Yes we bought cute Best Friend bracelets on Olvera Street.


I am real excited about this one: Me and the Hollywood sign. YES!

We had dinner reservations so we drove around Sunset Blvd for something to do and we saw a 711 and a Rock and Roll Cupcakes. Slurpee's and delicious cupcakes were a VERY good mix before a big dinner. The flavors were Cookies and Cream, Red Velvet, and a chocolate one with Heath Bar. YUM.

Aimee told us of this sweet restaurant that she went to called Saddle Ranch Chop House. One of THE COOLEST Bar&Grill places I've ever been to. There was a Bull in the middle of the floor and people would go ride on it. That's me wishing that I rode on it. Being a ballet major and having already had tons of bad luck in the past, I decided riding the bull would not be a wise decision.

They had massive Dessert trays and appetizers. We got an appetizer and a dessert tray to share. My favorite part about the Appetizer was the sweet potatoe fries and the marshmallow dip. Sounds interesting and gross but I was in heaven.

Dessert was smores (Is that not the greatest idea ever invented?) They give you a tray, and outside where fire pits that you went to to go roast your mallows on. They even give you caramel and chocolate dips!

DAY 3: 1/2 shopping 1/2 Laguna Beach day.
We went to the spectrum and did some shopping at H&M and Nordy's, ate lunch and headed to Laguna beach!! It was nice and relaxing there. We lost track of time and I was almost positive I would have a ticket on my car but LUCKILY when we got back we had 1 minute left on the parking meter!! WEW!

Day 4: Aliso Beach/Beach Bonfire

We are the most giggly girls EVER. I laugh so hard when I am with them!

My most favorite activity in California is having a bonfire on the beach. I love it love it love it. We roasted hot dogs and mallows with my sister and her family and it is ALWAYS so fun to do. Did I mention that I LOVE beach bonfire's? Well, I do.

Day 5: Drive home (insert sad face). At least we got good treats and good music!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

8 Summertime Events...

1. When I arrived in AZ my friends (knowing how obsessed I am with Guitar Hero) all helped plan a "Rocker Night." We all dressed in our best rocker gear and played Guitar Hero all night. We even had a contest where everyone voted who the top three rockers of the night were. The winners had created avatars of themselves on the game. Unfortunately there were a few cheaters who voted for themselves/payed people to vote for them COUGHCalebBartonCOUGH but we made avatars anyways!!

2. Play dates with Willie's Sister Sarah and his niece Kaylee! Sarah likes the food I make her (I'm not that good of a cook but she enjoys it so what the heck you know?). We went to movies, swam, just chilled, went on adventures, made a package for Willie full of lots of "American Spices" as Willie calls it, and I was the photographer for Kaylee's 2nd Birthday! I LOVE THE HAYNES FAMILY!

3. Being on the Big Screen at the D-Backs game HOLLA!!! While walking back to the light rail afterwords, I felt an arm around me and a voice saying, "I liked your dancing on the big screen!!" Thinking it would be someone I knew, I turned to face this older guy that I didn't even know.. It was just a little bit creepy. D-Backs game was a success!

I went with my awesome friends Eric Hunt (above), Alex Adams, Chloe Nielsen, Christiaan Scmid (Below), Daniel Walter, Caleb Barton, and Emily Rogers (Not pictured)

4. Taking master classes from So You Think You Can Dance winner Benji Schwimmer and Jason Celaya who danced on Alter Boys on Broadway. They are both members of the church and they taught Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Broadway, and some Ballroom. It was nice to get out of my Ballet shell this summer and learn some new things and it was SO MUCH FUN!

This is Benji

I completely butchered up the Ballroom dance he was teaching us and he danced as my partner for a bit to try and help me...He looked at my hand and told me he liked my CTR ring! YES! I was freaking out just a little bit. I told Alex (who also took classes with me) that I messed up on purpose just so I could dance with him.

This is Jason

His classes are so great because even though I'm TERRIBLE because I am too much of a ballerina to get "low" and be relaxed, He still made me feel like I rocked. I pretended I was pro and did the best I could (notice how we are both sweaty) I worked really hard! It was an awesome experience.

5. Writing Willie and getting 2 letters from him this whole summer. Even though it isn't much, I cherish every single one!! I miss his GUTS but guess what?! He has been out 6 months this month!!! It feels good to have a good chunk of time behind me.

6. Tim McGraw/ Lady Antebellum Concert with my mom!! AKA Best concert EVER.

Just look how cute we are...

This is Lady A. What do you want me to say? They were so amazing.

Tim Pointed me out in the crowed. I think he liked my new cowboy hat. Or maybe he was checkin' out my hot mom. I'm not sure, but it for sure looks like he is pointing at us.


7. California for 4th of July Weekend.

These are my sand castle helpers: My Nephews Ryker and Taggart. My Nieces, Brinley and Taryn were also great helpers but they were off finding some sea shells, feathers, and other sand castle decorations at the time of the picture.

Angels game with the boys! My brother in law got 4 sweet tickets to the Angels game. It was a boys night out but they resorted to inviting me because no other boys around were old enough to enjoy the game. I was happy to go! Taryn wanted to go last second while we were packing up the car and Taggart said, "Taryn it's BOYS ONLY!!!" When Taryn asked why Aunt Hannah was going, Taggart said, "Its boys only and Hannah, Taryn."

A bunch of people around us caught the foul balls and me and dad enjoyed some fries and a Ruby's Shake, while Taggart and Jason enjoyed Angels dogs!

Fourth of July Ribs! Messy but delicious!

Fourth of July Fireworks! We were right under the "Firework Blasters" as Aimee called them. Coolest Firework show I have ever seen. Before the fireworks they had a band that sang a ton of great songs and Brinley could not sit still, she was dancing so sassy! Dad decided to go dance with her. They can really move their hips!

8. Being with my best friends again FINALLY! Cali trip is coming shortly...

The summer is coming to a close... Mom and Dad packed up all my things (for my new apartment at the U) into a Uhaul truck and went to Utah early to go visit Leslie and almost new baby. I'll be flying out there in a few weeks after I go to California with my best friends. I don't want to go back to school but it's coming... too soon. Summer wasn't long enough.