Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Latest and Greatest in Salt Lake City

First of all, Halloween this year was awesome. My two best friends in my ballet class and I dressed up as Fantana's. Wanta Fanta? I love Halloween being a Ballet Major!

Caroline Sheridan (Strawberry Fanta), Dagne Aiken (Orange Fanta), and I (Pineapple Fanta), The latest and greatest Fantana's.

We won best dressed. Actually there wasn't even a contest, but just look at us! We would have won if there were....right? "Of course right!"-Fiddler on the Roof.

Anywho, being busy all the time has its benefits. When you actually have free time, you do cool things such as:

1. Disney on Ice, (something i've wanted to go see MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE)! Thanks for taking me Saje! When each new character came out, I think I got more excited than the hundreds of little kids around me. The Grandpa next to me gave Saje a look like, Is she crazy? Obviously his grandchildren weren't enjoying it as much as me, (I think I get that from my Dad). Dad I promise you will be the first one to take all of my kids to Disneyland!

Rafiki (sp?) had the coolest skates, hands down.

The little Mermaid was one of my favs for the night. She was pretty good, and they even kissed at the end *sigh*

They also did the story of Lilo and Stitch. It wasn't as good as the rest of the classics but it was still cool seeing hula skaters.

Next, Peter Pan. If you know anything about me, you should know that Peter Pan is high on my favorites list. Here is Peter and his Shadow.

Tink ;)

They flew and everything!!

In honor of Disney on Ice, Disney Pancakes were in order for dinner the night after!

3. Utah Symphony! ok I'll admit, this wasn't a planned adventure. We were ACTUALLY going to go to Ballet West's show because if I went, I got a Ballet absence taken away. For one thing, we were running late already, and for another, we got off Trax a stop too late. WOOPSIE!!!! When we got off Trax there was no way we could make it to the Ballet on time. The stop we got off of was in front of Abravenal Hall. We went inside and couldn't tell if anything was going on so we walked out. As we walked out this older couple asked us if we wanted to see "Romeo and Juliet." We told them we had no idea that was even playing. They said that their friends couldn't make it so they had two extra tickets that they were willing to give us! FREE DATE! YESSS. The show was the Utah Symphony playing "Romeo and Juliet" while a choir sang along. The seats were $40 each tickets and our seats were way good.

4. College Game Day, a game I was so stoked for. Complete DUD. It was still fun making a poster and going crazy. It was a blackout game too so that added a bit more excitement, until we got plastered. We left early and sadly my lunch was better than the game (1/2 off at The Corner Bakery) hooray! For some of you who don't know, #3 has a SERIOUS "Mexi-Stache." He is a sophomore here at the U and he is one of the geekiest looking quarterbacks I've ever seen. Sorry Wynn, but it's true. Saje and I thought that writing "Fear the Mexi-stache" would not be a wise idea, so we changed the "Mexi" to "Fuzz." FEAR the FUZZstache sounded more fierce anyways right?? My poster and I made it on the big screen at the beginning of the game! Being on the big screen at a Ute game was one of my college goals. Just so you know.

5. Snow day at the U! I love playing in snow :) I haven't made a snowman in YEARS so we made one with a goatee. It has snowed a ton this week and classes were canceled too! Holla!

I think that is all for now! Thanksgiving is in a few days and I can't wait to see my parents! Hopefully they make it here without the blizzard interfering! TTFN!