Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Think Happy Thoughts..

I'm watching Hook right now, it's been years since I've seen it. I forgot how much I love it. Probably because I love the story Peter Pan. In honor of Mr. Pan, here is my happy thought for the day, it happened to me last night:

Having a headache is no reason to get a bouquet of pretty flowers. To Saje, I guess having a headache is a perfect reason to give someone flowers. Who would have thought flowers cured headaches?

There you go. I wish happy thoughts really lifted you into the air :). Don't forget to check out my previous post below! It doesn't hurt to comment :)


Saturday, November 19, 2011

It's The Holiday Season...

I hope you started singing the Christmas song by Andy Williams after reading my title.. If not, now you can. PS turn off my playlist on the right, it's worth it for this one.

"..hoopdy doo, and dicory doc..."

I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS!!!! Mainly for the food. Seriously. Well, I also love it for spending time with my family too, but sadly I'm gonna be close to an only child this Christmas again (insert MASSIVE frowny face here). At least Junior lives in Arizona. But still, it's not gonna be like the "good old times" when Dallin would come upstairs, wake all of us girls up at 6am, and pretend he didn't look at all of his presents on the way up the stairs.. Crap, I wish I could rewind and run down the stairs at 1880 Springcrest Rd on Christmas morning again! I might have taken for granted all the Christmas's spent with ALL OF MY SIBLINGS. I highly doubt that will happen again! But Mom, please don't cry just yet, (unless it's tears of happiness and joy that your favorite child is coming home for Christmas, how dreadful would it be if I wasn't!). Just think, I will still wait patiently for Dad to turn on the Christmas tree lights before I come in (even though I might sleep in until 8:30), I will STILL believe in Santa (who would probably LOVE to spoil me cause I'll be the only kid in the house), and think about how awesome I am that I'm not with a "significant other" or kids that you also have to buy presents for! I AM SO COOL. Nobody can even deny that I deserve more presents for being SO dedicated to coming home because I REALLY want to see my parents MORE THAN ANYBODY ELSE on Christmas.
See mom, there is no reason to be sad! I LOVE YOU! Oh, and tell Santa that I really want an XBOX Kinect. Maybe his elves wouldn't have to spend so much time making it if they just found a nice one on KSL or something. k.

ANYWHO, this semester has been very busy but I really like to make my weekends worth while, especially for Halloween. This Halloween I got to dress up as two different things. My two best ballet friends and I needed to try and top our costumes from last year (Fantanta's) so we decided to be rock, paper, scissors. As usual, BEST DRESSED ;). Help us with ideas for next year please!!!!

My boy toy and I wanted to go to some Halloween parties so we decided to come up with something clever this Halloween too. Pac Man and his Ghost. Seriously can't get cuter. My two poster board costumes that cost 35 cents plus tax were a HIT this year. We also went with my friend Kelli to an institute dance, she was a rocker girl.

We also went to see my sister Aimee run her Halloween half marathon! It was pretty dang chilly but it was hilarious seeing all of the people dress up in funny costumes as they ran. The most clever costumes were pinatas, a guy in a sumo suit, and a guy dressed as Rainbow Bright. Funny stuff. It was so good to see Aimee, Jason, and all of the kids!

Saje and I were feeling spontaneous a few days ago and decided to make something we have never had before. We were in a breakfast kind of mood so I looked up good pancake recopies. We found chocolate chocolate chip pancakes. YUM. They were very filling, especially when you smother peanut butter on them. It was a really good treat. Sometimes I wonder if my crazy personality rubs off on Saje sometimes....

This year I wasn't able to go to Thanksgiving at my home in AZ or at Leslie's house. Leslie ended up going to AZ this year so I had to figure something out. I had the opportunity to go to Saje's grama's, and his parents for din din, and Aunt Jenny's for dessert! I was well fed and very stuffed this year.

I couldn't decide which pic I liked better so I decided to put this on too...:)

I am so thankful for everyone I love, and the opportunities I have each day. I am glad I am healthy and that my family is too. I'm thankful for my job and people who take care of me when I can't be at home for Thanksgiving. I am thankful that I haven't had to drive much in the snow yet, and that I have warm clothes and a warm place to live. I could go on and on and on.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I couldn't come up with a better title. I don't have much to say, lets just get right to the goods.

Dessert Night #3

I invited some of my BYU/AZ friends to my apartment to come to our crepe night! They even slept over and we went to the temple the next morning with my roomy and I.

Kelli wins for best decorated crepe

It got kinda crazy... :)

Next up, Homecoming 2011!

So, Saje and I were feeling a bit "sophomorish" and decided to go to the U of U Homecoming dance. It sounds lame because apparently homecoming is SO highschool, but when you go to the best school ever, and you are as fun as me, it is ridiculously fun. My mom hooked me up with a super cute dress last year and this was a great time to wear it. I also decided to work my straightened hair do. We looked fantastic. We met up with my fellow ballet classmate Ginger and her boyfriend Jared at Chili's before the dance too!

Showcase #1

This took up most of my time at the start of this semester. I danced in a piece and I choreographed one. Look how cute my girls looked! They danced to "Moonlight Serenade" -Steven Sharp Nelson. They looked SMASHING.

After a long 4 weeks of dance dance dance and then Showcase and teaching, it was October Break! This time, I brought a visitor :)

When I walked through security I saw my uncle Nile working. After that, you will never believe who was on my flight. My uncle Boyd! What are the odds? They were visiting Cameron and new grand baby.

Meet Mike Wasowski. Saje and I made him when we carved pumpkins with the fam.

Dang red eye editor on Iphoto pretty much sucks. Sorry.

We went to Tempe Town Lakes and went bike riding. It was PERFECT weather. After, we ate fatty hamburgers at Chuckbox.

The rest of our break consisted of laying out by the pool, playing games, going shopping, and making smores. I love AZ. THANKS FOR COMING SAJE!

As I leave you now, I'd like to let you know:

This week I will finally be welcomed into the Smart Phone world. Halle freakin' lluja. Goodbye annoying phone I've had for two years. I won't miss you and your unsmartness. Helllooooo Samsung Galaxy SII. I hope I like you two years from now.

I'm Done.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Me and My Gang

Last Friday I finally went to see Rascal Flatts! It was at the Usana Amphitheater and we had lawn seats, which basically meant we had to go early to claim a good spot, and sit out on blankets. It was ALMOST the best night ever.. Let me explain.

I had a cold the day before with pretty bad body aches, head aches, sore throat, and I was pretty nauseous all day. Typical right? I rested all day and took tons of medicine because I HAD to feel better for the concert. On Friday, I was mostly feeling better, but I just had a small headache throughout the day. Other than that, I was totally fine. I was just happy that my cold reduced to just the head ache part (keeping a positive attitude by the way). Anyways, Saje came to pick me up, and we were off! I was keeping up the excitement when all of the sudden I get a bloody nose out of NO WHERE. Thank goodness Saje had napkins in his car or it could have gotten pretty messy. I am still maintaining a positive attitude at this point.

We hadn't eaten yet because we planned on eating at the concert. We got stuck in traffic (also typical) and we were a little later then we planned, so we stopped at a Little Caesars for a $5 large pizza to-go. While we were driving of course it starts to rain. I'm getting all worried that we are going to have to watch the whole concert in the rain, we'd get soaked, and I'd get even more sick then I was the day before. Saje was the one keeping a positive attitude here, I was starting to really worry. He kept saying it will just blow over, and I'm watching it pour down thinking "knowing my luck right now it won't." The thunder and lightning were pretty close and it started to pour even harder right when we parked. I thought for sure the concert would get canceled. There was still about an hour until the show started so we thought it would be best to just stay in the car to eat, and then we could just endure the rain when we absolutely had to. This is our pre-concert dinner.

When the rain started to slow down to a sprinkle, Saje said we should probably get a good lawn spot before everyone else waiting in their cars do. I didn't even want to bring our blankets out because they were just gonna get soaked if we put them on the lawn. He decided to check his trunk for ANYTHING that might keep our bums from getting soaked. You will never believe what he found. When he was out selling security in Alabama, this random old couple gave him a brand new tent because they said they got it from someone, wouldn't use it, and that they wanted to bless his life like he blessed theirs. He forgot that it was in the back of his trunk so we decided to use the rain fly to put on the grass, and then put our blankets on that! Don't worry, we did think about bringing the whole tent in and watching the concert from inside, but Saje was pretty positive it would stop raining, and we might have gotten in trouble. When we found a perfect lawn spot, we looked at the people around us who had been there during the down pour, and they were ringing out their socks, jackets, and blankets. All of their stuff was COMPLETELY soaked. We really lucked out, and everyone was jealous that we didn't have to sit on cold wet blankets. It stopped sprinkling and never rained again the rest of the night!

Let the show begin! I found out before we went that there were two bands opening for Rascal Flatts. The first was a guy named Justin Moore. He was pretty good! Check out his song called "Hank It" on Itunes... I really like it :)

Biggest surprise EVER was that Sara Evans was there! Oh my gosh. I love her. Did you know she has 7 kids?! CRAZY! She was obviously amazing.

Finally it was time for Rascal Flatts. By this point my minor headache turned into a migraine :( but I was so dang excited still. Thank goodness for Lawn seats because there was a moment where I just had to lay down for a song or two because the lights were killing my eyes. I'm still staying positive though. I couldn't control my headache but at least I wasn't feeling as sick as the day before. I will go to another Rascal Flatts concert sometime in the near future though because I want to experience it without a migraine... Nonetheless, I LOVE RASCAL FLATTS! :)

I wish I had a better camara to get better pics. Sorry Rach.

Joe Don Rooney is the lead guitarist and does some of the vocals. I have always had a major crush on him. When I went home after the concert, I took some Nyquil, and had a very real dream that he asked me for my number after the show (Saje then disappeared in the dream, I never found out what happened to him). He even got the whole band to autograph a paper I had in my purse. Maybe when I go to the next concert it will actually happen to me. I love Joe.

One of the last songs they sang is a song called "Easy" feat. Natasha Bedingfield. Obviously Natasha wasn't there so Sara Evans came back out and sang it! I liked it better personally :)

For the last song they had Lynle Richie on a big screen singing with them. Way cool technology may I add..

All in all, it was a really great concert. They didn't play my favorite song so I added to my blog's playlist :). Getting out of the parking lot took at least an hour. From having a bloody nose, to traffic, to pouring rain, to migraine, I still had a really fun night! I was happy to get home and go to bed though. Thanks so much for the date Saje!

Don't forget to read my previous post!!! Normally I wait about a month or two before I re-post but this time I just couldn't because I was SO EXCITED about this one! I like comments you know....

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Glad This, Glad That.

As I am sitting here failing to do my homework, I am thinking about my two weeks of junior year accomplished. I always forget how sore I am the second week of school and I sometimes wish I could remember this horrible feeling so I don't do this to myself ever again. YOWIE! So far though, school is going good, and as the past few weeks have gone by, I have been thinking about things I am grateful for, because I really am one lucky girl. I've been trying not to complain so much. I have been working on picking out the good in each situation, and not dwelling on the past so much. The past is the past and nobody can't change what happened, you can only learn from the result. I can't help but think of Pollyanna when I act upon this idea. When things aren't going so well, I like to play "The Glad Game" because "If you knew how to play the Glad Game then you could find something to be glad about too" -Pollyanna.

My personal Glad Game:

#1. I recently had to switch my Land Cruiser with my dad's Ford Five Hundred to save on gas. I love both cars, but I feel REALLY safe in the Land Cruiser. I am afraid that in the snow, the lack of four wheel drive will come to a disadvantage, and I'm gonna get stranded in the snow somewhere coming home from work or school. Sad thing is, I see about 20 Land cruisers a day now. It haunts me because I am SO SCARED for the winter in a smaller car (stop judging me, I openly admit I am afraid of winter driving ok? I had a bad experience...) Nonetheless, I am glad I even HAVE a car. Think of all of the things I need it for. I'm very grateful and glad for a car. Pray for me in the winter...Thanks.

#2. I am convinced I will never have to have a twin bed of my own again. I am glad Saje didn't mind switching his queen for my twin. Long story. In a way I am grateful for two things here: Saje and my new Queen bed. Muahahaha

#3. I am glad I have friends in lots of different places!!! It's a small world after all.

#4. I'm glad I don't have any psychopath roommates.

#5. I'm glad that I can relax on weekends and on some weekends join the Muss for Utah football games. I love me some football.

#6. I'm glad to have power, air conditioning, and the money to pay for such things.

#7. I'm glad that Slurpee's make my day ten times better even when I feel like I hit rock bottom. The excitement of wondering which flavors they will have and combining all my favorite's never gets old. Quite frankly, $2 never tasted better.

#8. MY CELL PHONE SUCKS. I could sit and complain about it for an hour at LEAST. BUT, since this is the glad game, I am glad that I have ways to communicate even if my phone does drop the call every 5 minutes.

#9. I'm glad that I listen to the Book of Mormon every morning before school. It pumps me up. Ps. Ammon is super Bad A.

#10. As much as I want to get married, I'm glad I'm not right now. I am expensive (sorry future husband). Thanks mom and dad for my recent dental work, medical care, feeding my hungry poor college student belly when I can't help myself, helping me when I come across serious ruts and need some support, giving me good advice, letting me release my stress, and supplying me with a great vacay house when I visit. At this time in my life, I'm glad I have helpful hardworking parents who love me and help me when I desperately need it.

The Glad Game makes me so happy :). Wanna know what else makes me happy? The past few weekends I have done some things I've never done before.

Saved By The Bell themed party. My new romper with a short jacket was a HIT. Lisa Turtle would be SO proud. I went with a group of people but my friend Amy and I helped each other with our outfits.

MY FIRST RODEO!!! Isn't my date super cute?!? Saje and I met up with his brother and his date for the Box Elder County Fair (the oldest fair in Utah). I LOVE THE FAIR!! #11 of the Glad Game: I'm glad for fairs (that includes fair food like scones, turkey legs, and funnel cakes.) I secretly wish I was a Rodeo Queen.

The University of Utah is now in the Pac 12!!!! Now our teams will play all the schools that my siblings attended (ASU, CU, and BYU). We'll see who picked the better school... Lets hope they can pull it off! GO UTES!

I saw Katie my fellow AZ Ballet Dept. friend at the tailgate.

Saje got me some super sweet free red Budweiser glasses at the tailgate. Here I am sporting my free Diet Coke and my new Budweiser shades.

"We're up to snuff: we never bluff.
We're game for any fuss.
No other gang of college men dare meet us in the muss."

My life rocks.

This next thing I've never done before might be the greatest part of my post. Last night My friends and I had a Tri-Date bonfire. Kelli sadly went solo cause her date bailed last second, but she was awesome and came anyways. We made smores and banana boats. I'd never heard of banana boats either. I tried it, it was only alright, I'll probably never do it again. I think that is mostly because it did NOT look that fantastic. You open the peel, stuff it with mallows, chocolate chips, and peanut butter, wrap it in tin foil, and set it by the fire. Here is the most successful banana boat. Everyone else's looked like turd instead of vomit.

After the bonfire, Kelli and I had a camp out in her back yard!

Look at this gem....It's like, nice job picking the only sunny part of her backyard to wake up to. My outfit is called a uni-lazy. It is the best thing that has EVER happened to me. It works better than a sleeping bag. It has pockets, and it even has a butt flap. #12 I'm glad I have a uni-lazy. It keeps me warm whenever I want and I can still be mobile.

My last thing I haven't done before is something that hasn't really happened yet. Next Friday night, I won't be available. I'll be hangin' with my gang.

I've only waited for this moment for 8 years. I HOPE THEY PLAY MY FAVORITE SONG!! I'm freaking out. I CAN'T WAIT, THANKS SAJE!

One last thing I'm glad for: #13 Putting on old pants and finding what you thought was lost chapstick. YES!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wrapping up Summer

Thought #1
I am getting anxious/stressed for school to start again! I feel like I have so much to do and not enough energy to do it! All I want to do before I go back to SLC is tan, tan, sit around, tan, hang out with my best friends, and take a few random ballet classes. So yeah, I have time, but I'm lazy. In my defense, I deserve it because during the school year, I don't have time to be lazy!!!!

Thought #2
This summer I successfully finished 9 credit hours. I'm never taking summer school again, but it was worth it because now I only have one more Gen Ed to do in the Spring! You guessed it, the only classes I'm taking this year are dance related. THIS WILL NOT BE A BREEZE!!! People keep saying, "Oh you are just taking dance classes? Well your junior year of college will be a breeze then!!" It's like... Have you ever danced in college? It will still be a difficult year TRUST ME! The only difference is that I don't have to take dumb classes that I don't care about :) I am also taking a swing dance class with Saje, this should be interesting.
End of thought.

Thought #3
I want to do choreography for the first U Showcase performance in October. I need to have it at least the third of the way finished in like 3 weeks. I have a song... but am I in love with it? I just don't know. I need some inspiration people! Get me to a studio...STAT!

Thought #4
I start teaching again on the 15th. YIKES. Wish me luck with choreography this year.. and maintaining sanity.

Ok now for the exciting part (a blog post isn't cool without pictures, sorry. -Thought #5) A few exciting things happened after the best day of my life (Potterthon), that I feel like I need to document.

Right before I went to California and then Arizona I planned a Paint Fight with some ward friends!! We had paint filled balloons, sponges, water guns, and cute boys. Total success.

I have a friend that I worked with at the Corner Bakery who is also a photographer. He heard that I was a dancer and wanted to take some "dancer photo's" for his photo collection. We went to this pretty cool place by the Salt Lake to get some pics. It was only a little difficult working with someone who basically knows nothing about dance, so I brought Kelli with me. Here are a few of my fav's.

Then I was off! My sister Aimee had a birthday bash craft weekend at her house in California. My Mom, Grama, Leslie, and I attended and it was pretty awesome! We watched her kids swim in the mornings and then while they were resting, we made crafts. Taggart is a good swimmer, his back says, "Eat My Bubbles!"

I'm not very good at crafts so I decided to tackle the easiest one. Even then I almost quit. Right now I feel like one of those people who craft, then post it on their blogs all the time. Don't expect any more of these posts. I don't have a ton of patience for crafting, sadly. But what I did craft made outstanding birthday gifts for my best friends!

Magazine Bead Bracelets:
You cut strips of colorful magazine and roll it around a toothpick. Modge Podge the bead so it doesn't unwind, and shine it up with some top coat, clear nail polish. SWEET!

My next craft required sisterly help. I looked through magazines to find cute pictures I wanted for necklaces. Aimee bought clear scrabble tile things from Etsy and Leslie glued the pictures I wanted on the back. Then she glued a little hangy on it so that it could hang on the chain. I made little beaded charms and then put them all on the chains. I love my new necklaces! I made a short one and a long one. I lucked out finding a Broadway themed magazine page and I have Kiss Me Kate, Singing in The Rain and My Fair Lady for the tiles. I wanted a big jumble of charms to hang and I absolutely love the center chain I found at Michael's. I am waiting for Aimee's comment about the finished Broadway necklace... Rachel, if I find another page like that, I'll make you one!

Here are everyone's necklaces

Last but not least... Washer earrings! I just found super cute scrapbook paper and cut it and modge podged it to washers. Then after it dries, I filed down the edges with sand paper. Aside from getting help filing down the edges, I did this one alll by myself! The wiring was a little difficult. I had to try and bend the wire to get it on the actual earring part, make both earrings look the same, and hang right. None the less, I have new cute church earrings!

I made Aimee the best double decker cupcakes ever. I'm not crafty but I'm pretty creative.

Next we played the Favorite Things game. This is where everyone thinks of their favorite thing and brings only 3 of that thing. You could not spend any more than $5. Everybody draws three names. You go around in a circle and explain your favorite thing and give it to the people you drew! Everybody had very interesting favorite things and we were all very happy with our new prizes! Grama's favorite thing was a candle wick pillow, Leslie's was a canned cake, Aimee's was athermos water bottle for slushies, Mom's was a blinged out watch, and mine was nail polish and hand creme. I like this game a lot.

We had a great time Aimee!!!!! I happen to think the birthday girl looks very sassy in this pic...


Finally I was back to my home in Arizona. I was very excited because my very first best friend came home from his mission! RM Holden Connolly, what a cutie!

I was also stoked because I reunited with my nerdy best friends! I've missed them...

We found shoes that we all wanted to purchase at Walmart. I found foux Shape Up's, and Carolyn had Grama shoes. Alex's were the best...

We had a best friend day and we went and got shellac manicures and pedicures :)

One thing this summer that I was not planning on, was Selling Security! My brother sells Security for Security Networks, and he needed some help at the Home and Garden Show in Glendale. Basically he just wanted me so that I could sell my body. It was the longest three days of my life, but I think Dallin was grateful for my help.

My last activity this summer was ALLLL RM Holden's idea. Did somebody say NERF WAR?!? His siblings bought him Nerf guns and bullets that had Velcro at the ends of them. Holden had sweet Nerf shirts that the bullets would stick to so you knew when you got shot. We played in a stake center and had all the lights off and just had glow sticks so we knew who to shoot. Our team PWND all three times we played. Can you tell just how awesome our team is?? TEAM JUSTICE!

Alex's ammo looked like udders :) :)

Anyways, I leave back to Utah the 14th and I get a new roommate next weekend! August 22 is the first day of school... "Yaaaaaay" - Baby Mama.