Sunday, January 29, 2012

Forever 21

For my birthday wish, I wish to be 21 FOREVER. Where is that magic dust when I need it?! 21, flirty, and thriving..

I hope this year doesn't go by too fast. This seriously feels like the best age and I'll tell you why.

*When you turn twenty people say, "Oh how do you like being out of your teens finally?" I think, "I've felt like I was out of my teens for years now..." or they say, "NEXT YEAR YOU'LL FINALLY BE COMPLETELY LEGAL!" and I think, "Yay I can finally.... uhm. Say that I am twenty one!"

*People say, "Oh my gosh are you gonna just go cuh-razy!?!" I know they don't know I don't drink, but I still say, "HECK YES, My birthday is gonna be OFF the HINGES!!!!" Haha just kidding! But seriously...

*Twenty one is not too old, and not too young, its just perfect! I am not just barely out of my teens anymore. People treat me like a person, instead of thinking I don't know anything. I'm not a dang bozo, my dad taught me not to be one YEARS ago.

*I am officially an adult. HOORAAAY!

For some reason, I have always wanted to get carded when I go somewhere JUST because I can. I went with a few friends to this dance club thing. You had to be twenty one and up to enter (stop judging me, "I'm a good girl I am!"-My Fair Lady) They asked for my I.D, and I nonchalantly gave the guy my I.D like I'd been there like a hundred times. He said "Happy late birthday!" and gave me my card back. Yeah, what up.

Saje ordered me not one, but TWO extra virgin Shirley Temples ha. And in Saje's defense, my flash is blinding.

This is my ballet friend Melissa :)

Unfortunately, the club was pretty boring because they were playing techno that night. YOU CANNOT DANCE TO TECHNO! Why do people still think you can? But who cares, I got carded, and got two Shirley Temples at the club. That's all I care about.

BAD NEWS. I planned my wicked awesome birthday party on a blizzardy day. A whole two people showed up. I was SO SAD about it especially because my sister Leslie and I spent all day buying Bunco prizes and making food. The hit of my party was going to be the drink bar. We froze flavored ice cubes, made a Straberry Daiquiri slush, had different drink mixes, and had tons of fruit for our toothpicks. You could do many combinations like this:

What did you expect? I'm 21 we had to have drinks (extra virgin style). Here are the troopers that made it through the snow to my party. Kelli, my roommate Debbie, and of course Harrison.

Wanna know why my birthday is REALLY the best day of the year??? Leslie makes me a KILLER candy bar cake. It just gets better and better. Sorry for all the people who missed out! More for me....

Thanks for coming girls!

Although my party consisting of a whole two friends was awesome, I was still sad that more people couldn't enjoy the best day of the year with me. Saje knew that I was pretty sad, and planned a surprise party for me after work on my real birthday! I got home from work and there was a party. I still had extra cake and drink mixes from my somewhat failed girls night party, but all my friends pitched in to buy more food. It was pretty dang awesome.

My friend that I met at BYU ballet camp over 5 years ago showed up from Orem. I was so happy to see her!

Thanks for the surprise everyone!!!!

My birthday present this year was this 46 incher:

Homework just got that much more exciting :)

Lastly, if anyone wants to get a hold of me, you will need to call, text, or email me because I deactivated my Facebook for a limited time. I am too busy to be on Facebook right now, and I need to focus on myself. It has actually been really REALLY nice not having it! I wasn't really ever "addicted" but I went on just to waste time. It has been nice to actually do something with my time instead :). I may or may not ever get it back because it has been that nice!

Until next time!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Gaurdian Angels

Remember that one time when I jinxed myself by hoping that I would never get in an accident this winter? Well that was today when I almost died.
I was going to visit my sister because it was a holiday and I wanted to have a sisterly outing to plan my birthday party. I left around 9AM, there was a little snow on the ground, but the roads looked clear so I wasn't scared. I saw some cars sliding around on the freeway so I slowed down like crazy. I was in the far left lane, with a bunch of cars behind and around me. Out of NOWHERE I slid on some black ice all the way across the freeway. I was trying not to dodge cars but there wasn't much I could do slipping and sliding around everywhere. I didn't want to smash right into the barrier so I tried turning and the tail end of my car hit the barrier, and I spun around somehow ending up in the middle of the freeway again FACING oncoming traffic. How people stopped is beyond me, because I was sliding ALL OVER. My dad made me feel better by saying that I have a guardian angel watching over me, and that it's probably the same one that watches over him! Perhaps we can all be guardian angels for somebody someday!

Considering that I smashed into the side of the freeway barrier, I don't know how I managed to only get away with this

The light needed immediate repair but the cracked bumper can wait til later I guess...

So then I was like, "Ok my day off WILL NOT BE RUINED!!" but then Saje wasn't feeling good so I spent an hour and a half at Insta Care, and then I had to go to work. Saje and I were determined to make the day better, so after work, we bought S'more making materials. I have a real fireplace that I will be using more often this winter :). Here is Saje being a boy scout.


Bad day turned good with hot chocolate with extra mallows and Smore's. S'more's are the BOMB.COM


Saturday, January 7, 2012


Is it REALLY 2012?! Did 2011 just fly by for anyone else? I am SO not ready to start my last semester of junior year. I am getting a little (no a lot) anxious to start because my semester is CRAZY. I have major decisions coming my way, school is going to be very difficult, and I have to choreograph like 6 dances for the girls I teach! AH! I am trying to get the girls I teach a little more acquainted with actual ballet music so I will be choreographing their dances this year to Sleeping Beauty (the ballet) music! My younger girls are THRILLED, my older girls... not so much. They basically don't give a crap (at least they made it seem like that when I excitedly told them, and they were like, "oh, ok...") ugh.
In all reality, I have NO clue what 2012 will bring. I've always had a pretty clear picture of what my year will look like when it comes to school, changes, where I'll live, what classes I will be taking, and my plans on school recess. This year though, I honestly have no idea what changes I will run into, where I will be this summer, if I will renew my apt contract, if I'll even like my classes. At this point the only thing I am looking forward to is finishing this semester AND FAST. But then what? I don't know..

I wanted to apologize for not posting in a while. I've been very unhappy with the way my blog has been looking. As you may have heard, I uploaded the blogger app on my phone, and for some reason all of my pictures were saved in my phone gallery. I thought that it was a huge waste of space so I deleted all of the pictures off of my phone to later log onto my blog and see that ALL of my pictures on my blog had been deleted as well. I was upset because I would have to go back and look for all of the pictures and re-post them. I had most of the pictures saved onto an external hard drive so it would just take a long long time to re post everything I lost.
If that wasn't already screwy enough, my hard drive on my computer was having some issues. I went to the apple store the day after I lost all of my pictures on my blog. I have been backing up my computer on my external hard drive for about a year now so when they told me I would have to get a new hard drive for my computer, I was totally ok with it. I had all of my pictures (that weren't on my computer anymore) saved to my external hard drive and I had my whole computer backed up so there would be no problem right?
Of course not, because nothing is that easy when it comes to technology. They restored everything from my computer which was FANTASTIC, but for reasons UNKNOWN they wiped my WHOLE EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE. I have only what was on my computer from my last update. Pictures, videos and data that were only on my external hard drive were ALLLLLLLLLLL gone. You better believe that many tears were shed after figuring that one out.
I went to the apple store with my very buff dad to get it all figured out. They ended up keeping my external hard drive for two more days for the geniuses to try and revive all of the stuff that was lost. I got it back and they gave me a new external hard drive to do additional back ups if something like this happened again, and then gave me my old external hard drive with all the stuff they found. None of it is organized and some pictures and data copied like 200 times. Going through my external hard drive to find everything that was lost will take about a year to do. I still have no clue if they found everything because it has taken me an extremely long time to go through it already. So don't expect my earlier posts to ever look good.

ANYWAYS, that is why my blog has been under serious construction, but I am going to keep posting like it was no big deal. Even though maybe losing some things FOREVER sucks, I still had an amazing holiday season, and I really want to tell you about it.

Saje and I went to temple lights. It was freezing, but it was so pretty as usual.

Saje and I went to Harrison's Pre-School Christmas show to watch him sing, and then we made gingy houses after!

We made our own little graham cracker man to complete the master piece.

Harrison kept getting in trouble for eating his decorations. He did such a good job! Thanks for letting us come Harrison!

I finally flew to AZ where I got to spend quality time with my family and also my friends. I am going to apologize in advanced for not having any pictures of my family.. it seems as though I didn't document the adventures we had, but I really did have fun times with them. My uncle Carl was my buddy during this Christmas. I was glad to have him around, and it was so good to see him! I had a ton of fun playing with my niece Capri, going to movies, and going out to eat with my parents!

My mom made me these pancakes when I woke up one day... If you think your mom is cool, you clearly haven't met mine.

Alex and Carolyn (my two best friends) have decided that they are going to serve missions. I am happy and excited for them, but I will miss them so much! At least it's only a year and a half. They are turning their papers in within the first few weeks of January so they could get there calls and leave while I'm stuck here at school! That meant that over Christmas break, it might have been some of our last times together (with all of us being unmarried) EVER. We went on plenty of adventures together because of this.

We always wear matching jammies for Christmas. These are our new jammies! I think we went to QT about 100 times over break.

We also went to the temple lights, saw a movie, and saw all of the nativities from across the world!

Alex has horses, and I don't know why we have never taken advantage of that earlier, but we finally went! My horse's name was Babe.

We got a big group of people and their siblings to go hike Camelback... turns out everyone and their dog decided to hike that day too. We could not find any parking so we went to a park in Scottsdale to play around and eat our lunches.

On New Years Eve, I stayed at home to play some games with the fam, and then my friends came over and we went to an airplane hanger party. There was a DJ, dancing and we went CRAZY! They even had a photographer so we took advantage of that situation.

Sadly, I had to leave Arizona to get back to Utah for work. I have never been so sad to leave, I saw so many of my friends (shout out to ANNALIESE MECHAM) and got to go on many adventures!. I REALLLLLLY didn't want to go back to reality, and freezing weather.

One last thing that I did before break ended was a Casino Night! Saje's Boss had a surprise birthday and his wife hired a bunch of dealers to come be in charge of random tables. Saje taught me how to play Blackjack. Basically, never take me to a casino. End of story.

The only part about school that I am looking forward to is well... My new backpack. ADI! (short for Adios...)