Thursday, May 26, 2011

SCHOOL'S OUT!!! not..

I got out of Spring Semester the last week of April and I am pleased to inform you that passed all of my classes, and I am now a member of the 4290 Ballet class (that means I moved up a level). Three cheers for Hannah!!


This is really worth cheering for because they are making tons of changes in my department right now. Teachers are getting more strict, and lots of people in my class got held back :/ so I'm considering myself a LUCKY LUCKY girl.

I had about a week and a half of a break of no school until summer school started.. BLAHHHHH. Never doing this again.
Ok so I shouldn't be complaining because this is my last day of my two week long class but let me just tell you, this has been a LONG two weeks. I am currently taking 3 classes: One online class, one 3.5 hour class on Tuesday's and Thursday's and last but not least a two week 4 hour long class M,T,W,H,F. YUCK. Good thing it is pretty interesting. It is the Study of Families. I had REALLY long days on Tuesdays and Thursday's for two weeks. 9am-4pm being in only 2 classes is HARSH. That is why I am grateful for my Mac :). Going through my first week of summer classes, I also had rehearsal after rehearsal for the Sleeping Beauty Performance that weekend, and on top of THAT, I had to still teach my ballet classes. BUSY BUSY BUSY!

But lets start with a few things that happened during my crazy busy schedule.

I went to my first funeral a few months ago for my Uncle Brad. Am I the only 20 year old in the world that has never gone to a funeral? So it would seem. There were so many things about funerals that I just had no clue about, and it sorta made me nervous. This is when I hear dad in the background saying "What is yuh ignernt?!" but really, I learned a whole lot and it was a great growing experience. Hot tub Hannah is a big girl now! It was not nearly as horrible as I always thought my first funeral would be. As a matter of fact it wasn't horrible at all! It was a very sad but also very happy that families are forever and I'm glad that I belong to a church that knows that this is true. I learned so many things about my uncle that I never knew and I want to become as great of a person as he was. I will strive to be more helpful, caring and giving like my Uncle Brad.

Next, EASTER! The Easter bunny was so good to me this year.
New Toms. My others are basically shot. Journey is the Destination.

Dear Easter Bunny, please bring me these next:
Crochet Toms. Awesome.

We had a fun Easter Dinner and egg dying at Leslie's. I love Leslie Food, and I rock at egg dying. I should be professional.

My Roomy turned 21. We celebrated by going to a non-alcoholic lounge and dressing up all fancy. It was awesome! I gave everyone make overs and we drove down to Provo, went to the lounge, got ice cream, and then slept over at Leslie's house. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEBBIE!

Harrison had a birthday party!!! I highly doubt any of the kids had a better time than Rachel and I... We are still kids right? It was Transformers themed.

The cotton candy was more fun to make than to eat but then you feel bad not eating it after you make it.

There are too many of these awesome jumping pictures to post them all. Ridiculously funny. Check Leslie's blog for more awesome photos of Harrison's party.


Last but not least, Sleeping Beauty.
I love Ballet's because telling stories are better than doing showcases that just show a hundred different dances. I was supposed to be Red Riding Hood who comes to Aurora's wedding at the end and does a few dances for her. It was so much fun to do in rehearsals because I got to put personality in it which I LOVE. It was a partnering part which is always a good experience. Welllll one of the fairies got injured... I was the only one that was eligible for the part because the rest of the fairies were University students and the real understudy was 13. They thought a 13 year old doing Red Riding Hood would be better than her dancing with college level ballerina's. It was very sad because I really wanted to do Little Red but I still had fun being a fairy. Again...

The college students were allowed to assist in rehearsals which I LOVED. These are the cute girls I assisted!!

I also had MANY great family and friends who came and supported me! I think that this is the most people that have ever come to see me in a ballet show. It really means A LOT to me. I've always had shows and aside from my parents, grama, and some family members I never have this many people I know in the audience! You dance so much better that way. THANKS GUYS!

Roommates Dibbie and Courtney and fellow Ballet Major Emily:

My roommate Annie and her niece that actually met a REAL ballerina.

The Henlines!

Cambry was lucky enough to get a picture with all of the fairies.

Aunt Falene, and my cousins Cindy, Maryann, Emily and Bailey came!!

Uncle Boyd

Mother Dearest

Grama! My #1 fan. Always makes the most effort to come see my shows.

Leslie Annie

I dunno who this girl is but we matched and I thought this picture was cute. I felt like a Disneyland character. Every little girl (including the little girls actually in the show) wanted my autograph and a picture with me. It got to the point where I never wanted to pass anybodys dressing room cause I knew I would get surrounded by tons of little girls. I'm flattered really, it's good to know somebody looks up to you and that I was once in their shoes :)

My good friend of almost 6 years now was Carabosse (the evil which). She was SO GOOD at her part and I gladly got to do her hair. After the shows were over we went and got our nails done. Shellac nails are the new thing. They aren't supposed to chip and are supposed to last like 2 weeks.

That is all for now. Sorry that I have the longest posts in history but as you can see, my life is sorta hectic so I hardly get time to do frequent posts. At least I do post sometimes cough AIMEE cough.