Thursday, September 6, 2012

Minus the Greenberg add a Hurd

I did not realize how hard it would be to introduce myself after getting married! It is sort of embarrassing when someone asks you what your name is and you have to think twice. I wonder if people think that I'm lying to them when they ask what my name is and I say, "Hannah Gree.. I mean Hurd." Also, my name went from long to short, so it kind of feels odd that when I introduce myself and it goes by .1 second faster than usual. But other than the few semi awkward moments that I've had recently, married life is the BOMB. Don't get me wrong I LOVE calling Saje my husband (even though it makes me feel so old), but you have to admit fiansaje was just so much more fun (and clever) to say. Saje is not my boyfriend, not my fiance, not my future husband, MY HUSBAND! I've grown up on myself without realizing it! Kind of crazy if you ask me.
My life lately has been a whirl wind. One minute I'm in summer school, the next AZ for dress alterations, then wedding day,  then AZ open house, then my last semester of school started, and today I start teaching again! Time flies when you are having fun (but seriously). I've already been married three weeks and it seems like I haven't even caught up with the times yet! I love it!

Saje spent the whole summer in Kentucky selling security systems for Vivint so that is one reason why we got married a week before school started. Because of that reason, our "honeymoon" was in a Scottsdale resort so that we could be in AZ for our open house. Since last weekend was a three day weekend (Labor Day), we decided to go on a trip to St. George as an extended "honeymoon!" My Grama Jackie lives there and we were able to stay at her house. She works at the Tuacahn and was able to get us tickets to see Hairspray! It was a blast, thanks so much Grama!

Turns out Saje loved it so much that he wanted to see Aladdin as well! So we did. And we liked it. A LOT. 

We also decided to do some hiking at the Snow Canyon National Park. We went by ourselves before sunset. Here is Saje with the sage hehe ain't he handsome?!

This is for you Rachie!!! "It's tradition!"- Ever After.

I found out that my friend Jacquie and her new husband Jake were also in St. George!  We went on a double date to hike to some lava tubes the next morning as well.  We tried to top Jacquie and Jake's cool pose, but I'm pretty sure we tied for first.

Saje and I in a lava tube.

I happen to REALLY love this picture of Jacquie and I in one of the tubes! She is cooler than me with her head lamp. 

I love having married couple dates!

Later that day we tagged along with Jacquie's family and went to a place called Sand Hollow (or something like that). It was like a beach, and if you swam out to these cliffs, you were able to do some cliff jumping! It was pretty fun, but after a LONG day of hiking and swimming a mile, Saje and I were pretty pooped. Unfortunately I have no document of that adventure so you will just have to imagine :).

The day before we went to St. George, it was the first Utah game of the season! I have fourth row seats this season and need less to say I was pretty dang stoked! I  bet your mascot never pulled a Queen Elizabeth and sky dived (dove?) into the stadium.

Oh and I yelled out this guys name and he waved at me. Saje got a picture of me being really happy about it after the fact. I love hangin out with Pres. Uchtdorf. 

Also, we found my bestie Carolyn at the Brigham City Temple open house! The temple is REAL close to Saje's home town so I have a feeling we will be there often :).

Mr. and Mrs. Hurd

Being married is so much fun! It is like being on a hot date 24/7. Soon I will be posting wedding footage so hold tight!

PS Saje and I are wanting to plan something fun for October break because we have free night stay wedding vouchers to lots of places! Let us know if you have any bright ideas, it can be most places in the US.