Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thoughts and Haps.

I really don't expect you to care what I'm up to, I just am horrible at journal writing so I think that is why I blog about my life. I have been a serious blog stalker lately and it got me thinking...

My blog is called the Life of Hannah Forward and Backwards. I included in the description that I will be telling you about life and THOUGHTS forward and backwards. Well I realize I SUCK at the THOUGHTS part of my blog description so here are a few:

*I know the world always says they want delete their Facebook, and they just NEVER do. It's like, I don't wanna hear it anymore you know? I think very highly of the ones that can delete it and actually are successful (meaning they haven't gotten back on it since...) PROPS.

*I need to brag that I am doing so well posting on my blog frequently. My family used to always get mad that I never posted EVER. Well family, I'm the best at the moment. Just admit it.

*I sometimes love when people have random funny/cool youtube vids on their blog, but it sorta drives me insane if EVERY post has them. Like I said, I've been blog stalking lately and I will admit I don't want to sit and watch youtube vid after youtube vid after youtube vid you know? A couple is cool. A couple hundred? Not so cool.

*I read this one girls blog recently that had a post of random things people probably don't know about her. I sorta like this idea so I will share just a few things that not a lot of people know about me:
#1 I am scared of flying and slightly scared of elevators (I've gotten more brave since I was little)
#2 I tried to enroll in the U's Elementary Gymnastics class. Sadly ballet got in the way.
#3 I want to go to beauty school after I graduate college :) I'm seriously thinking about it.
#4 I wish that I knew how to roller skate REALLY well. Good enough to be in a Roller Derby. I even considered getting roller skates the other day when I actually met a 37 year old lady at the park who is currently in the Roller Rockettes Roller Derby. They call her Scarlicious. She's my idol, you shoulda seen her legs. This was my thought process, "I break bones easy. Oh yeah I'm a Ballet major. Maybe after I graduate...That ain't gon happen." Darn.
#5 I HATE sneezing.

Enough with the thoughts, I need to document some of my summer before the REAL summer haps start goin down! To begin, I have two more days of summer school and then: goodbye Utah, HELLO NYC. YES! I know that the NY post is gonna be a long post because I always have the longest posts ever so I'm gonna break down the first part of summer.

My roommates and I have decided to start doing Dessert Nights. We are trying to make it a monthly kinda thing. We make it at our house, and tell everyone to bring one topping. It is so successful.

First dessert night was Crepes

Second Dessert Night was Fruit Pizza

I told you Dessert Night is successful! Everyone loves Dessert Night at Apt A-108.

As of last weekend, the studio I teach for had their end of year recital! I love watching my choreography come to life. Seriously, so rewarding. But first, I had to MAKE my costumes. Don't even get me started. I had a lot of helpers which was so nice! Thank you to all of my tutu helpers, I could NOT have finished/ or had ballet costumes without you!

My roommate got a little crazy...

13 tutu's...

My best helper, Leslie. I saved sewing the sparkly elastic for last so that I could get help from a machine. I went to her house THE NIGHT before my recital. The machine broke, we had to hand stitch ALL OF THEM. It was a good time.... I owe you one Leslie!!

I get a little picture crazy but here are some of my classes. Every class had their own dance, and then I combined the top three levels for another dance. The combined dance was what I made the tutu's for. I'm horrible and didn't even get a picture of the girls in my hand made tutu's, only video. Shucks.

12-13 year olds

14-15 year olds

16 year olds. This class is one of my favorites cause it is their first year dancing. They are so eager to learn and I love teaching them! My camera ran out of batteries for their dance :(.

My babies stole the show. My friend Alex gave me the idea to use a song from the movie Up! They were ecstatic about the balloon idea. Precious!

I did a dance for my oldest level (16-17 year olds) based off of the movie Chicago. Alex and I edited together the songs Cell Block Tango and Roxie. They were dressed as flapper girls. I wish I would have gotten a picture... Sadly I did not but they were sooooo sassy!

Here is a little combination of most of my dances. The girl who filmed this was not very good.. Also, Keep in mind that most of these girls never really had a good ballet teacher... :) Please comment and tell me what you think!