Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happiest Christmas on Earth

PREPARE FOR THE LONGEST POST OF YOUR LIFE!!! Sorry I don't keep up to date with my blog but at least my new posts have tons to look at!

P.S. this is my third year anniversary of breaking my Femur! Yes it taught me a lot and I have had many great experiences following, but I sure hope it never happens again. But that's besides the point...

Christmas Break was a successful one! I really lucked out this year in the Finals category. I did not have any test finals to take the week of finals so I got to start my Christmas Break a week early! After figuring out this information, and telling my mom, she figured that I might as well go with her and my dad to Disney World in Orlando, Florida to meet up with my brother Erik. Erik was taking his wife and kids there for a Christmas Vacay and invited my parents who invited me. Last time I went to Disney World was a little over 10 years ago. My dad and sister in-law planned the whole thing consisting of a meal plan each day. We stayed in the Contemporary Resort and every park we went to, we could swipe our meal card. We got 2 meals, that included a drink and dessert, and one snack a day (Mickey Mouse ice cream! YES!). It was supposed to be nice in Florida right? Wrong. If it wasn't windy, just a long sleeve shirt would have been fine. But it was way really windy, making it SUPER chilly. Jackets were a necessity at the parks. It is quite alright though, Disney at Christmas time was incredible. I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

-Disney World-
The Christmas lights, fireworks, and Christmas shows were amazing.

-Animal Kingdom-
There was a ride there that was not there last time I went and it was called Everest. The ride was pretty much a way scarier version of the Matterhorn at Disney Land in CA. I get really sick on rides that go backwards for more than 2 seconds. I had heard this one went backwards too so I was opting out of the Everest ride. Erik and Amy told me that it wasn't too bad and that I could handle it because it only goes backwards for a little bit. So I gave it a chance. It was a fun ride until the backwards part, (which was a little more than a little bit of riding backwards). The rest of the ride consisted of taking constant deep breaths to hold in my lunch. My dad and I were both not feeling too good after Everest, so we went back to the Resort and slept until dinner. Dinner was with Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto. I have never gotten a picture with Mickey at Disney before in my LIFE. I can't help to think that every time I see a Disney commercial it always ends with the family seeing Mickey so, I finally got an epic Mickey picture!

Lunch in Germany dinner in Japan! So delicious. Epcot is so relaxing. Also, the ball ride (I'm not exactly sure if that name is appropriate but I'm not sure what it is really called) was a lot more fun than usual! It takes your picture at the beginning of the ride now, and you have to select options on a touch screen computer like; if you are a male or female and what language you want. After it carries you through the beginning and middle of life on earth, it has a survey on the screen that asks about 10 questions about your life. Then, it generates pictures and a video of what your future should be like, and you can email it to yourself! It was way funny.


-Hollywood Studios-
Yes we went on Rockin' Roller Coaster. The ride is inside, glow in the dark, with music blaring in your ears the WHOLE time. When we came 10 years ago my sister Leslie and I had fast passes and we went twice in a row and only felt a little sick after. I went just once this time and wondered how I managed going twice in a row. Still, awesome ride.

When we had dinner with Cinderella, I met the Prince. He looks a bit too old for me, or Cinderella for that matter. But still...

Thanks for the good times Disney World!

Now on to the Az portion of my Christmas adventures... The whole Fam was here this Christmas! Talk about crazy and hectic. My dad bought all of the girls pedicures, we all went bowling, and ATE ATE ATE ATE ATE.

When it was Ginger Bread House time, my sister Rachel and I took gold medals. Check out our amazing Hogwarts Express! My brother was jealous so he helped us out a little bit. He made Hedwig in her cage, and Harry Ron and Hermione. Notice the platform wall, Draco and the Weasley twins in the train. This was a work in progress.

Highlight of every trip home always has something to do with my best friends! DUH. This New Years eve was so fun being with them after playing Bunco with the Fam. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Would you look at this cute gang? Sheeeesh!

Ever since our onesie adventure last year, we now call it tradition to have a girls night in our onesies. This girls night we went crazy.... and by crazy I mean dying our hair purple. Ok not all of it, just the bottom. We're sassy.

Don't worry mom, it's just a tint in my hair. You can hardly tell I even did anything. It was all for the thrill of it :)

You can kind of see it here...

We call this one the, "Everyone Do the best Tower of Terror Face You Can" picture. We thought of it because having all three of us on the porch swing could have resulted in a real Tower of Terror face. So just in case we didn't capture the real thing, we did a practice round. The swing never fell WEW! But this picture is CLASSIC.

It seems as though I always end my posts with this quote, "Do I have to go back to school?" I'll answer that myself...
BUT here are some things that I have to look forward to:
*Losing weight (Disney/Christmas treats aren't that great on a ballet body..)
*I only have one more semester as a sophomore at the U
*My Choreography in the Ballet Showcase (Jan 20,21,22 if you wish to come)
*Willie's 1 year mark!! (treatin' myself to something sweet ;) duh)
*After Junior Year, I will only have ballet classes Senior Year. Then I'M DONE WITH SCHOOL FOREVERRRRRR!
*This summer: Harry Potter Marathon (including midnight showing!), reading the Eragon Trilogy, tanning, Wii, teaching, dancing, and school (wait, I'm not looking forward to that last one). Hopefully the summer is as successful as I hope it's going to be.

If I don't pass, my plans of finishing college in 2 more years are diminished.