Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I couldn't come up with a better title. I don't have much to say, lets just get right to the goods.

Dessert Night #3

I invited some of my BYU/AZ friends to my apartment to come to our crepe night! They even slept over and we went to the temple the next morning with my roomy and I.

Kelli wins for best decorated crepe

It got kinda crazy... :)

Next up, Homecoming 2011!

So, Saje and I were feeling a bit "sophomorish" and decided to go to the U of U Homecoming dance. It sounds lame because apparently homecoming is SO highschool, but when you go to the best school ever, and you are as fun as me, it is ridiculously fun. My mom hooked me up with a super cute dress last year and this was a great time to wear it. I also decided to work my straightened hair do. We looked fantastic. We met up with my fellow ballet classmate Ginger and her boyfriend Jared at Chili's before the dance too!

Showcase #1

This took up most of my time at the start of this semester. I danced in a piece and I choreographed one. Look how cute my girls looked! They danced to "Moonlight Serenade" -Steven Sharp Nelson. They looked SMASHING.

After a long 4 weeks of dance dance dance and then Showcase and teaching, it was October Break! This time, I brought a visitor :)

When I walked through security I saw my uncle Nile working. After that, you will never believe who was on my flight. My uncle Boyd! What are the odds? They were visiting Cameron and new grand baby.

Meet Mike Wasowski. Saje and I made him when we carved pumpkins with the fam.

Dang red eye editor on Iphoto pretty much sucks. Sorry.

We went to Tempe Town Lakes and went bike riding. It was PERFECT weather. After, we ate fatty hamburgers at Chuckbox.

The rest of our break consisted of laying out by the pool, playing games, going shopping, and making smores. I love AZ. THANKS FOR COMING SAJE!

As I leave you now, I'd like to let you know:

This week I will finally be welcomed into the Smart Phone world. Halle freakin' lluja. Goodbye annoying phone I've had for two years. I won't miss you and your unsmartness. Helllooooo Samsung Galaxy SII. I hope I like you two years from now.

I'm Done.