Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Think Happy Thoughts..

I'm watching Hook right now, it's been years since I've seen it. I forgot how much I love it. Probably because I love the story Peter Pan. In honor of Mr. Pan, here is my happy thought for the day, it happened to me last night:

Having a headache is no reason to get a bouquet of pretty flowers. To Saje, I guess having a headache is a perfect reason to give someone flowers. Who would have thought flowers cured headaches?

There you go. I wish happy thoughts really lifted you into the air :). Don't forget to check out my previous post below! It doesn't hurt to comment :)


Saturday, November 19, 2011

It's The Holiday Season...

I hope you started singing the Christmas song by Andy Williams after reading my title.. If not, now you can. PS turn off my playlist on the right, it's worth it for this one.

"..hoopdy doo, and dicory doc..."

I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS!!!! Mainly for the food. Seriously. Well, I also love it for spending time with my family too, but sadly I'm gonna be close to an only child this Christmas again (insert MASSIVE frowny face here). At least Junior lives in Arizona. But still, it's not gonna be like the "good old times" when Dallin would come upstairs, wake all of us girls up at 6am, and pretend he didn't look at all of his presents on the way up the stairs.. Crap, I wish I could rewind and run down the stairs at 1880 Springcrest Rd on Christmas morning again! I might have taken for granted all the Christmas's spent with ALL OF MY SIBLINGS. I highly doubt that will happen again! But Mom, please don't cry just yet, (unless it's tears of happiness and joy that your favorite child is coming home for Christmas, how dreadful would it be if I wasn't!). Just think, I will still wait patiently for Dad to turn on the Christmas tree lights before I come in (even though I might sleep in until 8:30), I will STILL believe in Santa (who would probably LOVE to spoil me cause I'll be the only kid in the house), and think about how awesome I am that I'm not with a "significant other" or kids that you also have to buy presents for! I AM SO COOL. Nobody can even deny that I deserve more presents for being SO dedicated to coming home because I REALLY want to see my parents MORE THAN ANYBODY ELSE on Christmas.
See mom, there is no reason to be sad! I LOVE YOU! Oh, and tell Santa that I really want an XBOX Kinect. Maybe his elves wouldn't have to spend so much time making it if they just found a nice one on KSL or something. k.

ANYWHO, this semester has been very busy but I really like to make my weekends worth while, especially for Halloween. This Halloween I got to dress up as two different things. My two best ballet friends and I needed to try and top our costumes from last year (Fantanta's) so we decided to be rock, paper, scissors. As usual, BEST DRESSED ;). Help us with ideas for next year please!!!!

My boy toy and I wanted to go to some Halloween parties so we decided to come up with something clever this Halloween too. Pac Man and his Ghost. Seriously can't get cuter. My two poster board costumes that cost 35 cents plus tax were a HIT this year. We also went with my friend Kelli to an institute dance, she was a rocker girl.

We also went to see my sister Aimee run her Halloween half marathon! It was pretty dang chilly but it was hilarious seeing all of the people dress up in funny costumes as they ran. The most clever costumes were pinatas, a guy in a sumo suit, and a guy dressed as Rainbow Bright. Funny stuff. It was so good to see Aimee, Jason, and all of the kids!

Saje and I were feeling spontaneous a few days ago and decided to make something we have never had before. We were in a breakfast kind of mood so I looked up good pancake recopies. We found chocolate chocolate chip pancakes. YUM. They were very filling, especially when you smother peanut butter on them. It was a really good treat. Sometimes I wonder if my crazy personality rubs off on Saje sometimes....

This year I wasn't able to go to Thanksgiving at my home in AZ or at Leslie's house. Leslie ended up going to AZ this year so I had to figure something out. I had the opportunity to go to Saje's grama's, and his parents for din din, and Aunt Jenny's for dessert! I was well fed and very stuffed this year.

I couldn't decide which pic I liked better so I decided to put this on too...:)

I am so thankful for everyone I love, and the opportunities I have each day. I am glad I am healthy and that my family is too. I'm thankful for my job and people who take care of me when I can't be at home for Thanksgiving. I am thankful that I haven't had to drive much in the snow yet, and that I have warm clothes and a warm place to live. I could go on and on and on.