Sunday, September 11, 2011

Me and My Gang

Last Friday I finally went to see Rascal Flatts! It was at the Usana Amphitheater and we had lawn seats, which basically meant we had to go early to claim a good spot, and sit out on blankets. It was ALMOST the best night ever.. Let me explain.

I had a cold the day before with pretty bad body aches, head aches, sore throat, and I was pretty nauseous all day. Typical right? I rested all day and took tons of medicine because I HAD to feel better for the concert. On Friday, I was mostly feeling better, but I just had a small headache throughout the day. Other than that, I was totally fine. I was just happy that my cold reduced to just the head ache part (keeping a positive attitude by the way). Anyways, Saje came to pick me up, and we were off! I was keeping up the excitement when all of the sudden I get a bloody nose out of NO WHERE. Thank goodness Saje had napkins in his car or it could have gotten pretty messy. I am still maintaining a positive attitude at this point.

We hadn't eaten yet because we planned on eating at the concert. We got stuck in traffic (also typical) and we were a little later then we planned, so we stopped at a Little Caesars for a $5 large pizza to-go. While we were driving of course it starts to rain. I'm getting all worried that we are going to have to watch the whole concert in the rain, we'd get soaked, and I'd get even more sick then I was the day before. Saje was the one keeping a positive attitude here, I was starting to really worry. He kept saying it will just blow over, and I'm watching it pour down thinking "knowing my luck right now it won't." The thunder and lightning were pretty close and it started to pour even harder right when we parked. I thought for sure the concert would get canceled. There was still about an hour until the show started so we thought it would be best to just stay in the car to eat, and then we could just endure the rain when we absolutely had to. This is our pre-concert dinner.

When the rain started to slow down to a sprinkle, Saje said we should probably get a good lawn spot before everyone else waiting in their cars do. I didn't even want to bring our blankets out because they were just gonna get soaked if we put them on the lawn. He decided to check his trunk for ANYTHING that might keep our bums from getting soaked. You will never believe what he found. When he was out selling security in Alabama, this random old couple gave him a brand new tent because they said they got it from someone, wouldn't use it, and that they wanted to bless his life like he blessed theirs. He forgot that it was in the back of his trunk so we decided to use the rain fly to put on the grass, and then put our blankets on that! Don't worry, we did think about bringing the whole tent in and watching the concert from inside, but Saje was pretty positive it would stop raining, and we might have gotten in trouble. When we found a perfect lawn spot, we looked at the people around us who had been there during the down pour, and they were ringing out their socks, jackets, and blankets. All of their stuff was COMPLETELY soaked. We really lucked out, and everyone was jealous that we didn't have to sit on cold wet blankets. It stopped sprinkling and never rained again the rest of the night!

Let the show begin! I found out before we went that there were two bands opening for Rascal Flatts. The first was a guy named Justin Moore. He was pretty good! Check out his song called "Hank It" on Itunes... I really like it :)

Biggest surprise EVER was that Sara Evans was there! Oh my gosh. I love her. Did you know she has 7 kids?! CRAZY! She was obviously amazing.

Finally it was time for Rascal Flatts. By this point my minor headache turned into a migraine :( but I was so dang excited still. Thank goodness for Lawn seats because there was a moment where I just had to lay down for a song or two because the lights were killing my eyes. I'm still staying positive though. I couldn't control my headache but at least I wasn't feeling as sick as the day before. I will go to another Rascal Flatts concert sometime in the near future though because I want to experience it without a migraine... Nonetheless, I LOVE RASCAL FLATTS! :)

I wish I had a better camara to get better pics. Sorry Rach.

Joe Don Rooney is the lead guitarist and does some of the vocals. I have always had a major crush on him. When I went home after the concert, I took some Nyquil, and had a very real dream that he asked me for my number after the show (Saje then disappeared in the dream, I never found out what happened to him). He even got the whole band to autograph a paper I had in my purse. Maybe when I go to the next concert it will actually happen to me. I love Joe.

One of the last songs they sang is a song called "Easy" feat. Natasha Bedingfield. Obviously Natasha wasn't there so Sara Evans came back out and sang it! I liked it better personally :)

For the last song they had Lynle Richie on a big screen singing with them. Way cool technology may I add..

All in all, it was a really great concert. They didn't play my favorite song so I added to my blog's playlist :). Getting out of the parking lot took at least an hour. From having a bloody nose, to traffic, to pouring rain, to migraine, I still had a really fun night! I was happy to get home and go to bed though. Thanks so much for the date Saje!

Don't forget to read my previous post!!! Normally I wait about a month or two before I re-post but this time I just couldn't because I was SO EXCITED about this one! I like comments you know....