Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Celebrating Independence

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while! You probably didn't miss me that much. All I think about these days is how relieved I am that the most difficult decision I've ever had to make is finally over,  and that I am so in LOVE, and SO READY to get married.

There are a just few things on my mind right now on this Independence Day.

1. I am celebrating my last MONTH being an independent individual. After this month, no more bed to myself. No more singles ward (hallelujah). No more making decisions completely on my own. No more living with just girls. No more having my own stuff. No more having to say goodbye to Saje at night. No more virgin eyes (just laugh, it's funny). No more last name I've had my whole life. No more me, myself, and I. No more "for MYYY wedding I'm gonna..." No more wondering who the father of my kids will be. No more not knowing how to cook (help!). No more a lot of things! AM I PREPARED FOR THIS?!?! "Been plannin' it for years" -Squints Palledorous. But seriously, I'm so nervous and happy and ready to take it alllllllll on. It will be the start of a really awesome adventure. Bring it.

2. I LOVE THE FOURTH OF JULY! I love being an American (even though I wish I had a British accent). I remind myself every. single. day of my weird accent, even if it might be a "Utah" accent, whatever that means. Anyways, I notice that I pronounce Mountain without a T in the middle. That goes for almost any word that doesn't start with a T: bit, favorite, let, hit, kitten, Ute. You get the point. Maybe I say comfterble instead of comfortable or famlee instead of family. No wonder British people think American's speak dirty! I just can't help it though. I'm American. Born and raised by Utahan's. Better celebrate or something. So here I am just loving the fourth of July, especially in a cooler state. I love the smell of grass, barbeques, friends, family, games, fireworks, and just plain fun ok? It reminds me of the Colorado years. I really hope Saje is prepared for a party-er for a wife. I want to be the ones that people say, "Not only are they super hot together, they are so fun like... All of the time." I'm not saying that because I crave attention (but really that isn't it), I really really love inviting people over and socializing and just having fun and just whatever! Have you not seen my awesome birthday parties every year? I don't know why I'm trying to convince you. I'm Hannah and I like to party, and I love America. End of story.

3. Saje and I haven't seen each other for 60 days. Distance is stupid. Good thing it's for good reason, but never again. I'm not counting down the days. Not really....

 Guilty: 31 days til I see Saje again, 40 days til Mrs. Saje Steven Hurd. Let's get the show on the road already! I miss him :(

4. So I'm in the midst of planning a wedding did you know? There are some things I'll need your opinions about afterwards though. Should I get a new blog? It's gonna end up being posts about Saje and I all over the place anyways. My only thought is that I'm gonna be the one that writes in it. It will  still be my thoughts you know? Maybe I'm just sad that I won't use the cool blog name I made up.

Also, how long does it really take to transfer EVERYTHING to your new last name? Years or what? It seems like that would be a pain. I'm gonna get a new email address and I just realized that there are so many things that I need to link to it now. Ew.

I wasn't kidding about not being able to cook. I can bake kinda, cook though? I need fancy tips! Does anyone wanna teach me things I should probably know before I throw myself at making good non poor college student dinner? Poor Saje.

5. Lastly, I miss my two besties. The girls who are going to be my bridesmaids in spirit. They are both serving missions now, and I am so lucky to have such amazing spiritual friends! Writing them is fun, but what happens when I need to talk to them NOW you know? It's hard being me without my gals, especially when Saje is out of town too. They think I'm funny. It sucks when they aren't here to hear my funny jokes, I can't even tell them over the phone! Thank goodness for letters though!

6. Soon I will be posting pictures of my fabulous trip to Seattle. I want to get a few more pictures edited so I will get back to that a little later!

Happy Independence Day!


  1. HA Squints! And yikes: virgin eyes. I'm going to wash my eyes out with soap now. I hope that we all keep saying how hot you guys are together and like...super fun too. haha you crack me up. And I feel ya on the long distance - the past year and a half Eric and I have had to do that a lot. It sucks, but at the same time it helps you realize a lot of things about your relationship and helps you appreciate each other more in ways you wouldn't otherwise. Obviously I don't think it means we should TRY to do long distance stuff EVER, but when it has to happen, it can help you realize that you even miss the little annoying things about them too :) And hmmm not sure about getting a new blog. I don't think you really need to, but I guess it makes sense since it will be mostly about you two anyways. hmmm...It's like the time when I had to change my email address to my new last name and by that point the one with my correctly spelled first and last name were taken whereas before with my maiden name I had that, and it SUCKED. I still hate it. Yes, so have fun changing your name on EVERYTHING! Don't worry, it's all worth it. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

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