Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sneaky Sneaky

I'm not a fan of posting a BAJILLION pictures on Facebook as it is, but one thing that drives me a little crazy is when people put all of their engagements on Facebook BEFORE they have sent out their invites. I look forward to seeing how cute their engagements are, and then when I get the invite and have already seen all of their pictures. It's like well, I've already seen that! Keep in mind that I'm at the age where everyone and their dog is getting married so I notice these things.

Moving on, Saje and I had to do our engagements QUICK because he is leaving this week for Kentucky to sell security (ps the "Hannah Fly To Kentucky Fund" is active 24/7). We got very lucky with our engagements. A guy did a free shoot with us because he needed some pictures for his portfolio, and then I got a great deal on another photographer from the Wedding Expo. April Bladh made all of my wildest dreams come true! Here is a teensy tinsy sneak peek of how made for each other Saje and I really are.


Oh and I hate to brag but check out the awesome egg I made on Easter. BEAT THAT DALLIN!

We love each other ok?


Who's that girl? Who's that girl????? It's Jess.

Yes I got a haircut. I'm still unsure how I feel about it. I was feeling very spontaneous. Just a new summer do.

 Thanks to Leslie and Peter again for letting us come for Easter!


  1. You and Saje are cute, but not as cute as you and me. We are darling.

    Come to our house again soon!

  2. MFEO (And this is Aimee on Papa's computer)

  3. Congrats! Just saw your engagement post, so cute! I need a copy of that book...

  4. Shoot. You guys are cute. Although I will say that you and Leslie are quite smashing in your matchy brown dresses! I love your beat that Dallin egg! Man Saje is getting some major booty action in that first shot!