Friday, April 6, 2012

Me Without You

Guess what!? I never thought I would ever say this but....

I am so dang happy I will be spending eternity with Mr. Saje Steven Hurd. Hannah Hurd just rolls off of the tongue doesn't it? I suppose you wanna hear the story and how this charming man proposed so here it goes.

Let's rewind to around March 10, 2010. The one and only Utah basketball game I have EVER gone to because my roommate and I were SO BORED. It was BYU vs UTAH so it was a "big game" even theough BYU creamed us (note to self Utah sucks at basketball). We didn't want to sit in the student section because there were hardly any seats left so we hiked up to the top where it looked like there were a few available seats. We went to sit down a few seats in front of these two boys, but were afraid we might be stealing someones spot. The boys noticed that we were contemplating sitting there and one said, "You can sit by us, nobody is sitting here..." Little did I know, I would possibly marry this guy. We agreed to sit by them and they introduced themselves to us. I remember thinking that Saje was a very different name. I sat next to Saje's step brother Koy who was friendly, and talked to my roommate and I the whole time. Saje (who was involved in the game) hardly talked to us. After the game, they said they were glad to meet us and left. Here I'm thinking, "HELLOOO were we not cute enough for them to ask for our numbers?!" You snooze you lose! Sheesh.

Luckily, as fate would have it, Saje got a second chance. On a Sunday afternoon, (a week or two after the basketball game) I went up to my bishops office for an interview. There were a ton of people up there and one open seat. The person sitting next to the open seat offered me a seat by him. After he asked, I thought to myself, this guy looks SO FAMILIAR. It was after he turned to me and said, "Hi I'm Saje" that it clicked that he was the guy who offered me a seat at the basketball game. Jeez he is such a gentleman right? Always offering the seats next to him. But that is besides the point. ANYWAYS, after he said, " Hi I'm Saje" and it clicked that he was the one who offered me and my roommate a seat at the game (cause really who could forget that name?), I said, "I know you are.." When he got this SUPER confused look on his face, I said, "We sat by each other at the basketball game a few weeks ago.." and then he remembered me! We exchanged numbers and not only sat by each other in sacrament, but texted the whole day. We started going to the ward activities and hanging out a little bit. The week after our "love at second site" it was Spring Break. What are the odds that we were BOTH going to be in California? He drove with some friends, and I flew and met up with family. We tried to plan Disneyland on the same day because the odds that the places we were staying were close were very slim, considering California is a huge state. When I arrived in California, he asked where I was staying, and we found out that his friends house, and my sisters house, were only 2 miles away from each other. What are the odds? I mean seriously? We hung out almost every night, and went to Disneyland together. When we got home, he finally asked me out on an official date. Ever since then, we have been dating off and on (the off times were when he would be gone for four months of the summer selling security).

I finally figured out through a lot of prayer, fasting, stress, thinking, going to the temple, deleting my Facebook, and giving myself alone time, that I knew that I could not live without Saje. I mean let's get real, what are the odds that I needed a seat two times and Saje was always the one sitting there, we ended up being in the same ward, and being two miles away in Cali was just crazy! Saje always would say jokingly, "IT'S A SIGN!!!!" ha, it's true they were.

Saje has always helped me through my struggles, he has been there for me in my hard times, and cared for me when I was sick or sad. His patience helped me understand what the meaning of being in love was. It's about overcoming struggles and hard times, enjoying all the good times, and loving each other through the annoyed times. Even though I wasn't fully ready to commit, he gave me my space, after doing everything in his power to make sure I was happy. I could never forget about how amazing he truly was to me, how much fun we had, and how much he helped when I needed it. Therefore, I finally agreed that marrying him was the best thing I could ever do :).

First of all, two weeks before he proposed, we went to Sierra West to discuss the types of rings we liked. We ended up designing "the perfect ring" by putting all of the things we loved into one ring. They told us that we needed to come a week from that day to look at a wax mold of the ring we designed to make sure it was exactly what we wanted before they actually made it. When we went to go see the mold, it looked exactly how we wanted, so we went ahead and told them to cast it! They told us it could take up to three weeks to make. Little did I know, a week and a day later it would be on my finger!

So April 5, 2012 Saje and I were watching movies after school, while I was doing some planning. He is an avid gym goer and said that he was planning on going to the gym for a few hours with a friend. I love that Saje is so buff and fit, but he sometimes gets hung up at the gym because he plays basketball after he works out FOR HOURS! I was really hoping that he wouldn't go for so long, but he promised me he would only be a few hours. He said if I let him go he would take me to get ice cream after. I agreed OBVIOUSLY. So a few hours later he came back and we were on our way to Iceburg.

While we were in the drive through waiting for our mini Grasshopper shake, I noticed there was a trash can about five feet away from the car. He bet me that I couldn't make it if I tried to throw something in there. I took the bet and started searching the car for something I could throw. I hurried and opened the glove compartment and this cute little book fell out.

I immediately found out that I had unleashed something that was supposed to have been a surprise for later, but I thought it was so cute of him to sneakily buy me a cute book, and I had no idea how he got it (because we spend almost every second together) that I started to cry. PS he knows I love this cute children's book called "I Like You" by Sandol Stoddard because it reminds me of all of the people in my life that I love and it makes me cry, so he bought this one knowing that it would remind me of him. That is why I thought this surprise book was such a cute thing he did for me. ANYWAYS, he then said, "well that was supposed to be your surprise for about 10 minutes from right now..." So that made me feel a little better because I thought I was ruining a surprise that was supposed to be happening a week from then. After we got our shake and started driving, he told me to start reading the book. The book is so cute, that I have to share it with you.

"Me without you is like, a sky without blue.
A foot without shoe, hair without do.
Cow without moo, dove without coo.
Kung without foo, biker without tattoo.
Ghost without boo, morning without dew.
Restaurant without menu, eskimo without igloo.
Tango without two, party without yahoo.
Peak without view, much without ado.
Harry without You-Know-Who, paddle without canoe.
Chimney without floo, clock without cuckoo.
Cat without mew, detective without a clue.
Kanga without roo, doctor without who.
Wreck without rescue, zoo without gnu.
How without do you do, antique without value.
Rainbow without hue, tea without brew.
Picnic without loo, bells without blue.
Cock without a doodle doo, pool without cue.
Doctor with flu, cook without his sous.
A witch without her brew, yacht without crew.
Mowgli without Baloo, shoo-bee without doo.
Politician without issue, saint without virtue.
Mercenary without coup, Svengali without Ingenue,
Ballerina without tutu, Kubalai Khan without Xanadu.
An unfinished haiku, ram without ewe.
Coochie without coo, yabba without dabba doo.
Muscle without sinew, sneeze without a-a-a-achoo!
Disciple without guru, potty without poo.
Cold fondue, panda without bamboo.
A picture that's askew, a flat kazoo.
A non spicy vindaloo, a book that's overdue.
A knot I can't undo.
Boo hoo hoo hoooooooooo, me without you?! What would I do? Boo! Phew." :)

Once I finished the book he was just parking at Sugarhouse Park. This is considered "our park" because this is where we would have our long talks, break ups, make ups, and where we would go fly kites and have picnics. I told him thank you so much for the cute book, and he said he wanted to give me a hug. We walked out to the front of his car, and while we were hugging he told me reasons why he loved me and that he can't imagine how life would be without me. Then he said that the book was not my only surprise for the night, and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!!! I was shocked because I was expecting my ring to take two more weeks to be finished! Basically I love Saje so much, so I SAID YES!!

I later found out that his "two hour gym visit" was actually going to pick up my ring, and book, that little sneaky!

Here is the bling

We are so engaged right now, I even put our song as #1 on my playlist.

August 14, 2012
Salt Lake City Temple

I mean Beginning..


  1. Well I kept waiting for this day to come and now that it's here, I can't believe it's already here! Yeah, so not in the way that you're too little to get married (like everyone thought/thinks of me!), but just in the weird sense that you're the Greenberg baby, it is so cuhrazy you are getting married! Your ring is amazing. I wonder if Sierra West gets all their business from Greenbergs. I love your pic at the end - what are you guys in, a carriage or an old car or something? I remember hearing about your meeting/started dating story, but I didn't know some of those details. Pretty coo. Good thing you were bored that night to go to the bball game. And that WAS pretty random when Saje was staying so close to Aimee's in Cali. I still love the pic of Saje and his friend holding the twins on their shoulders at Disneyland.

    Thanks for putting up the engagement story and pics so quickly!! I was dying to hear it, and I wasn't disappointed! So happy for you guys! I'm glad you're marrying someone so buff and fit :) And just so you know, if you go by your first and last names your initials will now spell SHHH. That's awesome. Almost like sssssiiieehassseeehethhhh. But not really I guess..It's late..

  2. Congrats! So great to hear the news and read the stories behind it all.

  3. i feel totally left out that my mom go to hear the story before me via blog.....

    Why The Face?!? haha aint i supposed to be special or something?? :)


  4. OK I am happy for both of you! Look forward to all the me so we can plan a family shower for you! Love you Hanny and Saje!