Sunday, April 1, 2012

4th Time's A Charm

This weekend. I saw my most favorite band Fun. for the fourth time. Get over it. Here is the story:

Kelli had an extra ticket for the acoustic show at Graywhale Records. I introduced Kelli to Fun., so I commandeered Kelli's extra ticket to the acoustic show. That's only fair right? I wanted to go to the acoustic show (AND SIGNING) because #1 I waited too long to get my ticket to the concert that was going to be later that night, and it was sold out, so I was bummed and #2 ACOUSTIC SHOW AND SIGNING, I would get to meet them! Of course I invited myself!
I found out that another band called Avalanche City was going to be at the concert too so I was even more bummed that I couldn't go to the actual concert. Anywho, I was expressing to Saje how sad and jealous I was that I couldn't be at the concert (which was also the night of the priesthood session) and he surprised me with a ticket that he bought on KSL! He said that he didn't want me to be a loner while he was at priesthood. Isn't he just the best?

Here is a recap of all of the Fun. times I've had (no pun intended):

Sophomore year at the U

Sophomore year at The Venue

Acoustic show yesterday at Graywhale Records:)

In line to meet them.

Here is the deal. This one time my awesome sister gave me a Harry Potter Lanyard. I hooked it up to my camera. I had this brilliant idea to video myself meeting the band members. I turned my video on and just let it hang around my neck. I didn't realize how perfect the video would be. It isn't even cutting anyone's heads off!!!!! I think you could say I could be on a first name basis with Andrew, Nate, and Jack now. What sucks is that I was in shock a little bit (cause I was so excited) that afterwords I thought of all of these great things I could have done or said to them. I'll need to practice a little better before I meet the Harry Potter cast someday. We were only allowed to get one thing signed but I weaseled myself outta that one. Check it out! PS you might have to turn your head to the right...

4th time's a charm (as Nate said in the video) at The Venue. Unfortunately we let Jack down by not getting to the front row. It was WAY too packed and I wasn't feeling like fighting someone.

Thanks for allowing me to invite myself Kelli!

Until we meet again Andrew, Nate, and Jack!


  1. oh my dear freaking goodness!!!! best day of my life.... no lie! hahaha :) please look at jack's face when i ask him to sign my steel train CD! freaking made his day haha we are so dang legit!

    three of your four times seeing em was with me :)
    "its fun to dance. its really fun to dance!"

  2. You are stinking funny. Wow, you girls sure have some good times out there. Sup jeal. I'm sure you can turn that video right side up in a program somewhere on your mac! Anyhoo, I will say that I almost cried knowing that the HP lanyard came in such good use, although I will need to give all the credit to Eric b/c it was actually his idea to give you the lanyard :) And bloody brilliant idea to let your camera just record on your lanyard - so sneaky and awesome. I will have to try that when we meet the Harry Potter cast together one day, and we will practice all the amazing things we will say to them too. It's going to be so great! So did you frame your signed poster? Nice charming to get them to sign two things!